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  • Samsung UHDTV

    Samsung, LG And Sharp Make Big Bets on 4K Ultra HDTV, Add Software to Enhance User Experience

    The early news out of CES (The International Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas this week is that the world's major smart television makers are convinced that 4K Ultra HDTV (UHDTV) is the future for their industry, that bigger (and curved) screens are better, and that they need to move quickly to make the user interface mesh with other connected devices, especially smartphones.
  • Books by Top Technology Execs

    From Google To Disney To OkCupid, Top Technology Execs Are Authors Too

    As shoppers mob stores and online sites to finish their holiday shopping this month, they will find no shortage of books for sale by technology executives from companies big and small. Indeed, 2014 was a year when a number of tech company leaders, some well-known and a few who are not, felt compelled to share their philosophies of management, business savvy, and a lot more in hardbound, glossily packaged books.
  • Napster Co-Founder Sean Parker

    Napster Co-Founder Sean Parker Is Building New Tech Tool For Politics and Civil Engagement

    It did not get a lot of media attention last month, but Napster co-founder and Facebook's first president Sean Parker took a major step towards building his new company - Brigade Media - that hopes to transform voter engagement at the state and federal level. Parker joins a growing list of technology leaders and billionaires who have formed for-profit and non-profit ventures over the past two years seeking to capitalize on the interest of political and advocacy campaigns in using new technologies to further their cause.
  • Drone

    FAA Is Closer to Issuing New Rules Governing Drones, Says Former White House Official

    Lisa Ellman, a former White House senior advisor on technology and now counsel at the law firm of McKenna Long & Aldridge, told an audience of company executives at a meeting of the Bay Area Council in San Francisco on Monday that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has sent a draft of new rules governing the use of drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) to the White House for review. "The rules are literally being written as we speak," Ellman told the group.
  • Sony Hacking and Regin Malware Computer Attacks Signals Cyber Warfare

    Sony Hack and Regin Malware Computer Attacks Reveal New Era of State Sponsored Cyberwarfare

    The high profile cyberattack on Sony and discovery of the Regin malware infecting databases around the globe have generated a great deal of news coverage in recent days, as security experts reinforce the message that no systems are truly safe. But the real story behind the headlines is that these attacks carry all the hallmarks of well-financed and carefully developed intrusions that could only be accomplished by nations themselves, not organized crime or renegade groups of hackers.
  • Paypal Co-Founder Peter Thiel

    PayPal Co-Founder Peter Thiel Tells Post Seed 2014: 'There’s No Tech Bubble, But Many Companies Are Poorly Managed'

    PayPal and Palantir co-founder Peter Thiel spoke to attendees at the first Post Seed 2014 Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday and told the gathering that he did not view the currently hot technology startup market as a tech bubble. "We are nowhere near the 1999/2000 insanity," said Thiel, referring to the infamous "dot com" collapse when many new technology firms failed to survive.
  • Neil Young and Al Gore at Dreamforce 2014

    Neil Young and Al Gore Embrace Tech to Save Music and the World

    At the fourth and final day of Dreamforce 2014, two legends from the worlds of politics and entertainment - Al Gore and Neil Young - took the stage in San Francisco with a common goal: to enlist the support of 135,000 technology-minded attendees and millions watching online in causes that matter a great deal to both men.
  • HP

    HP Splits into Two Independent, Publicly-Traded Companies

    On Monday, October 6th, Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced its plan to break up its business into two companies. The first company will sell the HP brand computers and printers, while the other will provide software, servers, storage, and other types of services.
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