Section : Devotionals

  • Lent

    Why and How Some Christians Observe Lent – Can Fasting be Sinful?

    Whether you are a Catholic or Protestant Christian, you might follow the tradition of fasting from something for Lent. Though there is no teaching in the Bible to fast before celebrating the resurrection of Christ, the Catholic tradition of fasting for 40 days prior to Easter is in part based on Jesus' fast in the wilderness just after His baptism. If you choose to partake, be mindful that there are two ways to fast - one that is sinful, and one that blesses both the Lord and our hearts.
  • Thomas Hunt

    Why Do We Pray?

    God made reality with prayer in mind. It's an essential part of the infrastructure of everyday life. In fact, prayer is as much (and more) a language of reality as mathematics, chemistry or physics. The supernatural and the natural are not separate in Christ - for all reality is His reality. As such, God invites us to pray about everything, not as if it were so, but because it is so.
  • Star of Bethlehem

    The Christmas Message: Jesus Came to Die

    We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas time, the fact that God incarnate humbled Himself to become a substitute for us on the cross, that we might have life in Him.
  • I Am Jesus

    Celebrating Christmas: The Glory of Jesus' Name

    In a recent Revive Our Hearts message entitled "Fully Human, Fully God," Nancy Leigh DeMoss taught on the name of Jesus and what it means to call Him "Savior." The preciousness of His name can often be lost, and there is no better time to reflect on its true meaning than the Christmas season.
  • Thomas Hunt

    A More Abundant Life

    A life lived like Jesus can be truly unremarkable. The vast majority of it might be incredibly normal, seemingly uneventful, and at times quite boring.
  • Thanksgiving Quotes- Christian's Favorite Quotes

    "We ought to give thanks for all fortune: if it is good, because it is good, if bad, because it works in us patience, humility and the contempt of this world and the hope of our eternal country."
  • Thanksgiving, Thanksfeeling, and the Glory of God

    Now and then, it needs to be said that not all thanksgiving is thanksfeeling. We can make ourselves (or our children) say, "Thank you," whether we feel it or not. But it's not a good habit, especially in relation to God.
  • Threecrosses.jpg

    The S-Word

    It is considered a mark of maturity to endure the company of the unwanted, to abide the annoying, and bear the unbearable. And so it is, but this is not yet Christian maturity. A Christian is not merely to suffer another, but for another. This is love.
  • Finish Line

    Finish Well

    To finish well is to plan well; to plan well is to understand the cost of commitment. The commitment to follow Christ is not an added luxury but standard equipment for the Christian. To plan to finish well is to plan to follow Christ daily in humility and sacrifice. To finish well tomorrow means you finish well today.
  • Jesus Christ Sleeping in the Sea of Storm

    When God Slept

    Crisis and calamity call us back to God, or at least, cause us to call out to Him. Anxious billions have asked, "where are you God?" - and He often seems far away. He is the Almighty Absentee.
  • Pray Hard

    Prayer is not a passive undertaking, but an aggressive engagement with God. It is a labor of love. It is a toil of trust. It is a work of the Holy Spirit through holy intercessors. Indeed, prayer without spiritual perspiration lacks the intensity the Spirit requires.
  • What Does the Bible Say About the Debt Crisis?

    No matter how much politicians try to spin the narrative on our $17 trillion national debt crisis, they can’t hide the real financial struggles under which our nation is crumbling, reports The Christian Post.
  • boyd-bailey-320x320111111111.jpg

    Rich Living

    Those who invite the message of Christ to dwell in their lives, learn to live life to its fullest. Like a guest who brings a generous house warming gift, so God is generous in handing out His wise instruction to humble hearts.
  • boyd-bailey-320x3201111111.jpg

    Christ and Country

    God blesses a country that honors Him, but He brings down a country that dishonors Him. It honors Him for His people to pray in earnest for righteousness to reign in religion, the work place, seats of government and the home. It dishonors the Lord when we behave like His commands are suggestions and we marginalize His mandates. Countries founded on Christ are blessed if they continue with Christ.
  • happy-fathers-day.jpg

    A Father’s Day Tribute

    To all of the fathers who serve their families with selfless love, our most sincere and appreciative thanks. God has given fathers a beautiful and immensely significant role in their children’s lives – one of which is meant to image His own love for those in Christ.
  • boyd-bailey-320x32011111.jpg

    He is Alive

    He is alive and I am forgiven and my soul has been set free. He is alive and I am forgiven and my joy I cannot contain. He is alive and I am forgiven and my faith is here to stay. He is alive and I am forgiven and my love flows deep and wide. He is alive and I am forgiven because He did what He promised—He arose after three days. He is alive! He is alive! He is alive!
  • 2540847994_200515a731.jpg

    What Does It Mean for Jesus to Despise Shame?

    In running the race of life we are to look to the exaltation of Jesus at the end of his race. But Hebrews 12:2 tells us to look not only to his exaltation, but to his motivation.
  • God is Working

    God’s work is not rushed or rattled. He quietly gets things done. While man sleeps, the Lord neither sleeps nor slumbers. The effective work of the Holy Spirit is not bound by human efforts. Indeed, the Spirt softens the heart, so when the word of God is sown, it grows.
  • solitude.jpg

    A Lenten Pracitice: Less is More

    Multi-media, multi-sensory, multi-tasking. We are bombarded on a daily basis with sounds, sights and smells. As exciting and stimulating as life in the 21st century can be, it can also drain our soul’s resources.
  • Persevering Love

    Love does not give up on those it loves. When it is hurt, it forgives. When it is rejected, it accepts. When it is misunderstood, it is kind. When it is ignored, it serves. When it is unloved, it loves.
  • love-god-with-all-your-strength.jpg

    Time to Go

    It is time to go when God says so, even though you are not sure where you are going. Abraham was a “friend of God” (James 2:23 nasb) who trusted the heart of God. He was secure in his faith, knowing his heavenly Father would not lead him astray. Are you okay with only the call of Christ as your next step? Is He calling you out of your comfort zone to a new level of faith and obedience? It is here that you hear Him quite clearly.
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