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  • R.C. Sproul Interviews Author of “Darwin’s Doubt” on Evolution, Intelligent Design

    Renowned theologian, author, and pastor R. C. Sproul interviewed Stephen Meyers, author of “Darwin’s Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design,” about his research on neo-Darwinian evolution and evidence for Intelligent Design. Sproul says that Meyer’s book is the most detailed analysis on the inconsistencies in evolution that he has ever seen.
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    The Importance of Prayer

    Valedictorian Roy Costner IV chose to say The Lord’s Prayer in lieu of his pre-approved speech at his high school graduation on Saturday, taking a stand for the importance of prayer. The Pickens County School District in South Carolina recently decided against including public communion with God at graduation ceremonies after being lobbied by atheist groups to forbid prayer at school events.
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    Is Boston Marathon Bombing Victim Lu Lingzi in Heaven?

    The public has expressed their grief and sadness towards the innocent lives that were claimed. Meanwhile, some questioned were raised on whether Lu’s soul is in heaven as she had been involved with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Boston University, but did not publicly declare her faith in Jesus Christ.
  • ht_mark_burnett_and_roma_downey_bible_lpl_130227_wmain.jpg

    Roma Downey and Mark Burnett: Why Public Schools Should Teach the Bible

    Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, Hollywood’s elite and producers of “The Bible”, published an article titled “Why Public Schools Should Teach the Bible” earlier this month, arguing that not studying the Bible is like students not learning the Constitution in the U.S. history class. The article had 777 comments the Monday after the initial premier on History Channel.
  • Stanford_University-Credit-Jawed-Karim-300x225.jpg

    Stanford University Hires Humanist Chaplain to Counsel Atheist Students

    Stanford University has appointed an atheist “chaplain” to serve its non-believing students. Chaplain John Figdor counsels those in need and visits the sick, according to reports. And he works with Stanford students under the Office of Religious Life, joining 17 other chaplains and individuals that reach out to students of various faiths.
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    Top Hong Kong Educator Joseph Sung: Crafting a Memorable Four Year University Life

    Universities in Hong Kong welcome the new DSE entrance examination and the new four-year educational format, but together welcome new challenges in the coming year for both educators and students. Christian educator and Principal of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professor Joseph Sungby, encouraged the "new people" during his October speech in the 2012-2013 school year opening ceremony to take heart in preparation for meaningfully experiencing the four years of university life.
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    A Principal with Conscience - CUHK’s Principal Joseph Sung Supports Hong Kong Student Strike

    As the anti-national and moral education campaign grows stronger, Hong Kong Federation of Students (HKFS) has decided to go on strike next Tuesday. Chinese University of Hong Kong Chancellor Joseph Jia-Yiu Sung, who was voted as Hong Kong’s favorite university principle, supports and encourages students to participate in this campaign. He is given the title of “a principal with conscience” because of his strong support for students.
  • Logos Evangelical Seminary Academic Dean: The Homosexuality Controversy from a Biblical Perspective

    Is homosexuality created by God? Why does the Bible declare such explicit opposition to homosexuality? Does opposition to same-sex marriage imply sexual discrimination? Dr. Rev. Ekron Chen, associate professor of systematic theology and academic dean of Logos Evangelical Seminary in Los Angeles, appeared at a Los Angeles Featured Topic Family Discussion Forum to talk about homosexuality from a Biblical perspective.
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    Dr. Jason Yeung Installed as Principal of Chinese Studies at Ambrose University College

    Dr. Jason Hing-kau Yeung was installed as the first Principal of the Canadian Chinese School of Theology at Ambrose Seminary on Sunday, March 25. Prayers of installation were offered by Rev. Dr. Francis Tam, Executive Secretary of the Canadian Chinese Alliance Churches Association; Rev. Dr. Riley Coulter, Chancellor and Acting President of Ambrose University College • Seminary; and Rev. Dr. Hay Chun Maak, Honorary Chairman of the Association of Canadian Chinese Theological Association, who also brought the message.
  • TyndaleCCSTTS-35.jpg

    Tyndale Signs Long-Term Agreement with ACCTE

    Toronto - Tyndale University College & Seminary and the Association of Canadian Chinese Theological Education (ACCTE) signed a long-term agreement on January, 26, 2012. Dr. John Kao, Chairman of the Executive Board for the ACCTE and Dr. Gary V. Nelson, President and Vice Chancellor of Tyndale University College & Seminary signed the agreement at a public signing ceremony and celebration at Tyndale’s Ballyconnor Campus. The agreement continues to strengthen the commitment of Tyndale to the Canadian Chinese School of Theology at Tyndale Seminary’s (CCSTTS) mission to serve the Chinese Christian community by providing quality theological education in the Chinese language.
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