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  • Challenges and Opportunities for Youth Ministries in China

    As mainland China society’s rapid development, the youths are facing numerous changes and temptations, causing the churches to emphasize more on developing youth gospel and pastoral ministries. In the latest issue of China Horizon published by Christian Communications Inc., the main topic of analysis is “Youth Ministries in Mainland Churches.”
  • Mainland Author and Scholars: House Churches Going Public is Unstoppable

    Upon the invitation by scholastic organizations and secular groups in Hong Kong, influential Beijing-based author Yu Jie and Sichuan-based scholar Wang Yi recently gave a series of lectures from the perspectives as a Christian and intellectuals in public sphere on the development of house churches in mainland and its influence on China’s society’s transformation.
  • Thanks to Chinese-Canadian Students, French Language is Alive and Well in B.C.

    Against all odds, French is alive and well in a province where Chinese is the mother tongue of more than half a million people. If you step through the doors of Alliance Française of Vancouver (AF) --an international organisation that promotes French language and culture -- you could be in Hong Kong, Beijing or Taipei. Indeed 80% of its children and youth students are Chinese Canadian!
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    Yu Jie: Urban Church Revivals and Christian Intellectuals' Cultural Mandate in China

    One of the three house church leaders who met with former U.S. President George W. Bush in 2006 gave an insightful speech on the present situation of China’s churches and its gospel mission earlier this month. Visiting Canada for the first time, Yu Jie spoke on the topic of Revival of Urban Churches in China and the Missions of Christian Intellectuals in the Public Square at the North American Chinese Baptist Church in Vancouver on Oct. 3.
  • edu_20091008_revlee.jpg

    China's Future is the Church, Says CMI Missionary

    While the People’s Republic of China is celebrating their 60th anniversary, China Ministries International Canada and Vancouver Short-term Missions Training Center held a seminar Christian’s Perspective on China’s 30 Years of Economic Reform, where speakers interpreted the modern history and theological meaning of economic reform.
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    Chinese Christians Scholars Review 30 Years of China's Economic Reform

    While this year is Communist China’s 60th anniversary since its founding, it is also the 30th anniversary since China’s economic reform, so all of the world’s attention is focused on China. A massive and festive celebration was held at Tiananmen Square in Beijing on Oct. 1, which showed off the country’s prosperity and the people’s strength and also expressed their joyful hope for a bright future.
  • Creationists: Ardi Poses No 'Threat'

    While a media outlets around the world are touting a nearly two-decade-old find as the oldest known skeleton of a potential human ancestor, creationists point out that even the team of researchers who unveiled the reconstructed fossil cannot refute the possibility that it might be simply that of an extinct ape.
  • Student-Led Prayer Movement Marks 20th Year

    Continuing on the prayer tradition that began 19 years ago with a small student-led group in Texas, hundreds of thousands of students around the nation gathered at the flagpoles of their local schools Wednesday morning to pray for a spiritual awakening across campuses and countries.
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    World's Oldest Bible Published Online

    More than 800 pages and fragments of the 4th-century Codex Sinaiticus, the world's oldest Christian Bible, have been pieced together digitally from around the world by institutions in the United Kingdom, Germany, Egypt and Russia.
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    Tyndale's Doctor of Ministry of Program Opens to a Full Cohort

    TORONTO, May 27, 2009 | Tyndale’s new Doctor of Ministry (DMin) Program officially began on Monday May 25, 2009 with a full inaugural cohort of 25 students. This diverse group represents 18 denominations and 12 countries of origin and reflects the cultural and religious landscape served by Tyndale.
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