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    CCCOWE Conclude Forum in Taiwan on Care and Support for Chinese Missionaries

    From January 9 thru 10, a forum on selecting, counseling, and caring for Chinese Missionaries was held in Taiwan, which emphasized on caring and establishing a support system for Chinese missionaries around the world, according to CCCOWE. In addition, a care for Chinese missionaries fellowship was established, and they've mapped out the long-term action plans to care for missionaries.
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    Singapore 'Lamb Culture' Forum Achieve Consensu to Rebuilt China's Market with Faith

    On January 11, the second “Lamb Culture Excel Management International Forum” concluded successfully in Singapore. Hundreds of gifted individuals, including influential Chinese pastors, ministers, believers, Christians from the market places in mainland China and overseas, gathered to explore the methods to rebuild the market and social ethics in China with the “Lamb Culture.”
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    Replacing 'Wolf Culture' with 'Lamb Culture, Business Forum Kicks Off in Singapore

    Hosted by Cultural Renewal Regeneration Research (Worldwide) Foundation and China Corporation Lamb Culture Association and other organizations, the Second Lamb Culture Management Forum will be held in Singapore from January 8 thru 11. Dr. Joseph Tong, Dr. Thomas In-sing Leung, and other influential pastoral ministers and lay-leaders will engage in topical discussions about the culture of enterprises in China’s business world with around 100 Christian CEOs from mainland China and dozen more from Southeast Asia and United States.
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    Thousands Celebrate Canada's First 'Wedlock11-11 Day' in Vancouver

    With “Love Passing On, Love in City" as the theme, Canada’s first Wedlock Day was held on Nov. 11, celebrating the everlasting marriage of a husband and a wife. Over 500 married couples held hands and read the vow before God to once again “love you, respect you, protect you…this is my sincerity and my undivided promise”, as if they were getting married once again.
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    Harvest Wraps Up Year with Over 16,000 Decisions for Christ

    While 2008 will be remembered by more than 16,000 people as the year in which they committed or recommitted their lives to Christ through one of this year’s three Harvest Crusades, the lead pastor behind the evangelistic events will also remember it as one of the hardest years in his life.
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    Over 720 Chinese Ministers Gather to Discuss Base-Level Evangelism

    CCCOWE released a statement saying the third “World Chinese Base-level Gospel Conference”, held once every four years, has concluded successfully. It was held in Hong Kong from Sept. 29 to Oct. 3. Coming from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, and North America, the speakers shared messages to around 720 church ministers and belivers, who came from 17 different countries and regions.
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    CRRS (Worldwide) Foundation Conclude Fundraising in Hometown Vancouver

    VANCOUVER - Speaking in both Mandarin and translating in Cantonese all by himself, the president of Cultural Regeneration Research Society (Worldwide) Foundation addressed a crowd of 600 Chinese supporters of the ministry’s development at the foundation’s annual fundraising banquet on the night of Sept. 28.
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    Over 11,000 Take Hold of 'Ticket' to Heaven

    ANAHEIM, Calif. – More than 11,000 people in Southern California accepted their “tickets” to Heaven over the weekend at an annual event that has helped some 298,000 people commit their life to Christ since 1990.
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    Thousands Touched by Laurie's Message on Life, Death and Heaven

    ANAHEIM, Calif. – An estimated 29,000 people were present for the opening night of the 19th annual Southern California Harvest Crusade in Anaheim, Calif., including some 2,750 people who made their first-time commitments or rededicated their lives to Christ.
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    Thousands Fast, Cry Mercy for America

    WASHINGTON – For 12 hours under the beating sun and then a full moon, tens of thousands of people consumed nothing but water and juice as they shouted prayers for mercy and an awakening in America.
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    Christian Publishers Host Exhibition; 760,000 People Attend HK Book Convention

    HONG KONG - The annual summer event “Hong Kong’s Book Convention” started early this week at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, located on the centre of Hong Kong’s business hub Wanchai waterfront. The total number of participants this year has set the record of 483 companies and the number of attendants exceeded last year's attendants of over 760,000 people.
  • Australia CCCOWE Conference Renewed Believer's Passion in Jesus

    AUSTRALIA - The Sixth Australia and New Zealand CCCOWE conference was held in Melbourne from July 1 thru July 4th. Around 300 people participated. With the inspirations received from listening to the word of God, the love for the Lord in the ministers were reignited.
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    Stephen Tong Preaches to 5,000 People at Children Evangelism Conference in Taiwan

    TAIWAN – Indonesia-based evangelist Stephen Tong held an evangelism conference titled 2008 “Who is Jesus?” In an event held in the four-day conference, Rev. Tong expressed that he needed to exert 20 times more strength when preaching to children to retain their attention, which is a test to his strength and wisdom.
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    Operation Dawn Hong Kong Celebrate 40th Anniversary

    Hong Kong, China – On the night of April 11th, Operation Dawn Hong Kong held its 40th Anniversary Ceremony. Taking Paul’s exhortation “Forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead”, Rev. Cheung Moi Ei, senior pastor Kowloon City Baptist Church, encouraged Operation Dawn Hong Kong and all the gospel ministries to continue to pursue their missions in running the path of God in the coming days.
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    Religious Broadcasters Take Gospel Message to Further Reaches

    NASHVILLE – Christian broadcasters and communicators who are meeting for the annual National Religious Broadcasters Convention this week say they are looking to expand the reach and depth of their message through new partnerships and technologies.
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