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    Can You Go Away in Peace?

    On a day with clear blue sky and the sun shining brightly, Jerusalem was bustling as usual. In one corner of the temple a crowd gathered around Jesus who was preaching. Suddenly a group of religious leaders cut through the crowd and placed a woman before Jesus. Her head was down but they all knew who she was.
  • Chinese Labour Battalions: Vancouver’s little-known role in the Great War

    Gulls wheel overhead as the guards funnel hundreds of uniformed men off the hulking ship to be counted, then marched down the long line of boxcars and onto the waiting train. Young men from a far-off land, casting more than one beseeching glance toward the knot of silent onlookers on the yard’s grey margins.
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    What is Christianity Doing to the World?

    By 1896 the 19th century was decidedly Great Britain’s. At 1945 we rounded-up and called it the American Century. 12 years into the 21st and already there’s a contender: Christianity.
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    The Individual and the Internet

    Man was made to live in community. In Genesis 2, we're told it's not good for man to be alone. And in a classical world the worst punishment was to be banished from society, because you had no meaning once you were.
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    The Press and the Future of Religion

    The United States is often referred to as a “post-Christian” nation. In one sense, that is true: The moral and cultural assumptions shaped by Christianity that used to hold sway in American society, can no longer be taken for granted. They must be defended and contended for in the public square.
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    September 11, Ten Years Later

    As the nation marks the tenth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, writer Paul Berman asks an important question in the New Republic: “Do ideas matter?”
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    In Celebration of Labor

    What does Labor Day mean? For most of us, it's nothing more than a welcome break from what we tend to see as "the daily grind." Work to so many people is simply a necessary evil. The goal in life is putting in enough time to retire and relax.
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    Friendship in a Digital Age

    A recent Toyota ad features a teenager sitting with her friends. That is, she’s on Facebook alone in front of her computer. Older people, she laments, are “becoming more and more anti-social.” That’s why she pushed her parents into joining Facebook. But despite all her efforts, her parents only have 19 friends while she has 687 friends. “This is living,” she adds.
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    Politically Correct in China

    An unstated, yet obvious goal of American policy toward China is to make the People’s Republic more like us. The Chinese are, for a host of reasons, resistant to that idea.
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    Vancouver: The Fault Dear Brutus...

    Though the Vancouver riot of June 15, 2011 is old news, I’m hopeful the window for timely analysis hasn’t shut yet. Obviously rioting isn’t new. Its been seen long before, in Canada and abroad, and will be seen long after. It appears timeless, but it doesn’t fit into an almanac.
  • Unity with the Lord . . . not just with the Vancouver Canucks

    Even though they all came from very different backgrounds, with different practices, beliefs and experiences, they all had the exact same response for what it means to be Canadian. Their answer was unanimously - hockey! A sport most of their parents had never heard of before coming to Canada was what united them as Canadians.
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    How Not to Treat Your Spouse

    In a 1999 film titled “Music of the Heart,” a character named Roberta begins a relationship with a man named Brian. At one point, Roberta-whose husband had left her-asked Brian a question: If you ever met a woman who fulfils your needs better than I can, would you leave me for her?”
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    Pro-Child, Pro-School

    A few weeks ago, I spoke about the desperate need for school reform and how public schools are failing those kids most in need of a good education: poor children. I also pointed out that greatest impediment to reform are teachers’ unions, whose primary concern is the welfare of the adults who benefit from the status quo. I’m not alone in this assessment: Arguably the most important proponent of education reform has become none other than Bill Gates.
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    Christians and TCM

    Many Christians have asked if it is alright to seek TCM treatment. Is it alright to practice TCM? To begin, it is most helpful for us to understand the meaning of the term Traditional Chinese Medicine and trace its roots. I do not profess to be an expert in this field. The history of Chinese Medicine dates back to as early as Qin Dynasty 221 – 207 BC. Round about 145 – 85 BC philosophy, societal values and religion played key roles in shaping the practice of Chinese medicine.
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    When the Earth Moves: Pray for the People of Japan

    There can be few more frightening experiences than an earthquake, and last Friday’s quake that has devastated Japan will rank among the strongest ever recorded. Ranking 9.0 on the scale of magnitude, the Sendai, Japan quake ranks fifth among earthquakes in recorded history, coming after the 1960 quake in Chile (9.5), the 1964 quake at Prince William Sound, Alaska (9.2), the deadly Sumatra, Indonesia quake of 2004 (9.1), and the 1952 quake at Kamchatka, Russia (9.0).
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    Why Multiculturalism Can't Work

    British Prime Minister David Cameron horrified European elites when he recently proclaimed that multiculturalism has failed. The idea that all cultures are equal and that they can live happily side by side in one country is false. It just doesn’t work.
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    China Watch: Sent… but Somewhat in Chaos

    "We are probably the most secured and settled amongst our class,” the young Chinese couple told me in a Middle Eastern city. “The others might not be doing as good." They were referring to the other four couples, who were also sent out by the house church in China as missionaries to ‘Bring the Gospel Back to Jerusalem’. All of them were originally trained by Asian Outreach.
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    Worldview Competition

    A while back on BreakPoint, I talked about a teenager who attended a worldview training camp run by Summit Ministries. The young man complained, tongue in cheek, that worldview training had “ruined” movie watching for him. He could not longer watch films without automatically searching for the worldview messages.
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    Celebrating Dr. King

    It was with these very words, in his memorable Letter from the Birmingham Jail, that Martin Luther King, Jr., threw down the gauntlet in his great Civil Rights crusade. King refused to obey what he regarded as an immoral law that did not square with the law of God.
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    Happy Birthday Chairman!

    In the end almost all of the 200 delegates from China for the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelism in South Africa were barred from leaving the mainland.
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