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  • Supreme Court Seats

    Supreme Court Justice Replacements Suggested By GOP Candidate Donald Trump

    Representatives from Iowa, Colorado, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Utah, Alabama, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Texas were recommended today (May 18) as potential replacements for Justice Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. Scalia, 79, died in his sleep in February.
  • Target protested by woman

    Target Condemned By Bible-Carrying Woman Over Transgender Dressing/Bathroom Policy

    "It's time to stand up and have a voice, instead of bowing to the homosexual, perverted agenda that's taken over this nation," an unidentified woman walking through a Target store with what is assumed her family says in a video posted by YouTube user Loredana Camelia, which has gone viral since the video was posted Saturday. It received more than 390,890 views at the time this article was published.
  • Shameless Maya

    Shameless Maya Asks 'Do You Believe in God?' As She Documents Growing Pains

    Docu-web actress and vlogger "Shameless Maya" launched a YouTube channel for which she pondered what would happen if she shamelessly promoted herself for 365 days. What she started as a social media experiment became her lifestyle and job, and now her most recent video from Sunday poses questions about beliefs in God.
  • Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

    'Batman Versus Superman' Answer is More Religion, Says Movie Critic

    "I've thought about this a lot, and I think the best way to go with 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' would have been to make the religious themes and questions of the movie the real subject of the film," said movie critic Alyssa Rosenberg. The movie was released March 25.
  • Glenn Beck

    Glenn Beck Posts Open Letter to Donald Trump: 'Megyn Kelly Is Daughter of God, Leave Her Alone'

    Multi-media personality, author and "truth-speaking" Glenn Beck decided this week's social media attacks on Fox News journalist Megyn Kelly by presidential candidate Donald Trump were more than enough bullying, so he posted the following open letter that classifies Trump as "a 14-year-old boy trapped in a 70-year-old body." The 52-year-old CEO of Mercury Radio Arts went on to indicate Trump has created a "new meaning of domestic abuse."
  • Donald Trump

    A Vote For True Unity: Will 'We the People' Make the Right Decision Regarding Our Next President?

    America desperately needs a truthful standard bearer as our next president. We really are at a very serious and dangerous time for our divided nation. Will 'We the People' make the right decision? Our only hope of not going off the cliff is to find the unity that always gives God's blessing. Our great strength has been our unity for truth founded in our Christian world view. It includes God's standard of truth for moral clarity and righteousness. It is the only way we can escape the Lord's righteous judgments. Ted Cruz has raised this standard and without doubt he is the most viable candidate to do it. He is a true statesman with a proven record of standing for the Word of God, our constitution and the freedoms we enjoy.
  • Americans Losing Religion

    American Religion's Fate May Rely On 'Unaffiliated' and Triumph of Faith

    "What is the future of traditional religion in this country," asked Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute in a public policy blog Monday. He said he believes this question is now discussed constantly across America, from dinner tables to graduate seminars to think-tank conference centers.
  • Max Lucado and Donald Trump

    Max Lucado on 2016 Presidential Election and Donald Trump: Worried Enough to Pray

    Last week's blog struck a nerve. I wrote a piece entitled "Decency for President." The premise was a simple one. Shouldn't a presidential candidate who claims to be Christian talk like one? When a candidate waves a Bible in one speech and calls a reporter "bimbo" in the next, isn't something awry? Specifically, when Donald Trump insists that he is a Christian ("a good Christian" to use his descriptor) and then blasts, belittles, and denigrates everyone from Barbara Bush to John McCain to Megyn Kelly, shouldn't we speak up?
  • Max Lucado

    Max Lucado on Donald Trump: Decency For President

    As the father of three daughters, I reserved the right to interview their dates. Seemed only fair to me. After all, my wife and I'd spent 16 or 17 years feeding them, dressing them, funding braces, and driving them to volleyball tournaments and piano recitals. A five-minute face-to-face with the guy was a fair expectation. I was entrusting the love of my life to him. For the next few hours, she would be dependent upon his ability to drive a car, avoid the bad crowds, and stay sober. I wanted to know if he could do it. I wanted to know if he was decent.
  • Pro-abortion protest

    Americans Believe New Morality Movements Aim To Silence Christians

    Many American Christians believe that a new movement in the U.S. is emerging that could change traditional moral values. And, in line with this, many of them are starting to feel that those pushing for this new morality are targeting to suppress religious beliefs and practices.
  • Max Lucado

    Christian Author Max Lucado Is Worried Enough to Pray to God to Step In to Reveal U.S. Presidential Leader

    Last week's blog entitled "Decency for President" from best-selling Christian author and preacher at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, Max Lucado struck a nerve because he dared to suggest that Americans should hold people who say they are Evangelical accountable for their actions. He specifically called into question GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's unChristian antics. Lucado said more than 3 million people read his piece in the first 36 hours on his posting it.
  • Trump Supporters

    Voters Support GOP Candidate Donald Trump Due To Valuing Action, Excitement, Competition

    One of the recurring reasons associated with voters who indicate they intend to vote for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is that he "wants what's best for the United States." No matter if that "bestness" is politically incorrect or has the appearance of being greedy. More and more voters are voicing they want a future leader who is also a protector in chief, someone who can "get things done," apparently even if that chief doesn't truly embody the same goals or beliefs.
  • Cruz Trump Rubio

    Donald Trump Typifies Religious Cynicism, Says Fellow Presbyterian: 'Heathen, Wolf in Wolves' Clothing'

    In a strongly worded and critical opinion piece on Huffington Post, blogger Matthew Taylor took GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump to task and asked why Christians are "supporting the heathen." However, the self-professed Christian also threw conceptual darts at the true state of religion in America, while claiming Trump exposes how the "genius of the American religious experiment is also its Achilles heel."
  • Kathy Niakan

    Designer Babies: Is Genetic Editing of Human Embryos Equal to Playing God?

    British scientists this month received permission to alter the DNA of human embryos within the overall mission of correcting devastating diseases in the womb. The work of one authorized stem cell scientist, using embryos donated by couples with a surplus after IVF treatment, will look at the fertilized eggs' development from a single cell to about 250 cells. The research could help scientists understand why some women lose their babies before term, and provide better clinical treatments for infertility, using conventional medical methods.
  • Super Bowl 2016 Halftime Gay Awareness

    Gay Awareness Super Bowl 50 Halftime Rainbow Show Reaches 114 Million people

    Last night I was at church watching the Super Bowl with a bunch of young adults in the student ministry. We had a concert planned for the halftime show and I was in the sound booth watching hundreds of young people enjoy contemporary music that glorified Jesus. My phone started to buzz over and over with friends of mine asking If I saw the Super Bowl half-time show. I knew instantly that it had to do with gay awareness and homosexuality.
  • Joel Rosenberg

    Christian Author Joel Rosenberg: Only Three Presidential Candidates Can Deal With 'Apocalyptic Islam'

    Joel C. Rosenberg, author of the popular "Last Jihad" book series, "Epicenter" and "The First Hostage," says all of the current presidential candidates, except maybe three, are not prepared to deal with the threat of what he calls "apocalyptic Islam." He said front-runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton "do not have the skill set needed to deal with Iran's mullahs or the growing threat of the Islamic State."
  • Alveda King

    Alveda King: Scary Politics -- A Defining Moment

    As one who has taken the path of prayer over endorsements, I encourage you to keep your hearts and minds clear to avoid personality bias. Let's try hard not to allow zeal for our favorites to cloud the goal of having God redirect our nation from looming disaster. Pray for America.
  • 'Evangelicals Can’t be Pro-Life and Pro-Gun,' Says Rev. Rob Schenck

    As a leading American evangelical reverend to Washington, D.C., officials and president of the Faith and Action Christian outreach ministry, Rob Schenck took on the controversial topic of choices about guns and morality in a special opinion piece this week. He said he now believes his "family of faith is wrong on guns."
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