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  • Carolyn Walker-Diallo

    Carolyn Walker-Diallo Swearing In on Koran and Possible Impact on America's Future

    Carolyn Walker-Diallo is simply one of several American officials who has chosen to be sworn in on the Koran rather than the Christian Bible. Over the years, there have also been been others who have chosen to not use the Bible when swearing in, or taking their Oath of Office. And some of the choices to swear in even included using something other than a Koran.
  • Alveda King

    Alveda King: An Open Letter to Spiritual Leaders Regarding Upcoming Elections

    In view of the upcoming early primaries in Iowa and South Carolina, I am stirred in my heart to encourage all spiritual leaders, and indeed all people of goodwill to be civil in our dealings towards one another, in political dealings and indeed all of our activities. Below are excerpts from a letter I sent to Iowa:
  • Bishop T.D. Jakes

    Bishop T.D. Jakes: The Secret to Finding a Happy Thanksgiving In Midst of Crisis

    There seem to be two camps in regard to the Thanksgiving holiday: there are those who actually enjoy being with their family and gorging with that turkey dinner, and those who'd rather not. There are many reasons some people would just rather avoid the Thanksgiving holiday, ranging from grief to a severely dysfunctional family to loneliness and more. Thanksgiving can bring up memories of loved ones who have passed away, as this holiday apparently does for T.D. Jakes and his family.
  • Paris Attack

    I Was There During the Paris Attacks

    I unlocked the door to the apartment, and we all collapsed on the couch, laughing after a day at the Louvre and an evening full of wine and food. My phone buzzed. "Are you okay?" "Yes, we're fine...why?" I texted my friend in the U.S. back, puzzled by her question.
  • Supreme Court Building

    Same-Sex Marriage Is About More than Just Same-Sex Marriage

    When most people consider the controversy surrounding same-sex marriage, the name Kim Davis usually comes up somewhere in the conversation. Even more recently, presidential contender Mike Huckabee's name also comes up because of his decision to stand with Kim Davis, and the lawsuit with which he's been slapped by Rude Music for playing the song "Eye of the Tiger" when Kim Davis was released from a Kentucky jail. But the controversy connected to same-sex marriage is not as simple as how the mainstream media is spinning it.
  • Assyrian Christians protest ISIS

    The Problem of Islam and the Islamic State

    Two remarkable pieces about Islamist violence were published last week in mainstream media - one answering the ambivalence thoughtful people feel on what to do about the Islamic State, and the other answering perplexity on what to do about Islam.
  • Martin Luther

    Halloween Alternative: Reformation Day

    Traditionally, we know that October 31 is Halloween and marked with Halloween parties as well as Halloween alternatives for Christians such as “Hallelujah Nights” and “Trunk or Treat” events. Yet there is another, wholly separate alternative called Reformation Day that many Protestant churches have either forgotten or never knew about to begin with.
  • Halloween

    What’s Wrong With Halloween?

    Should Christians celebrate Halloween? This article examines the origins of the holiday and shares Scriptural reasons as to why Christians should not participate in it.
  • TimandBrelynBowmanJr7.jpg

    Certificate of Virginity: When the Celebration of Celibacy is Criticized

    On October 10th, 2015 Tim Bowman Jr. and Brelyn Freeman tied the knot. The couple separately made pledges of celibacy in their life and continued to honour that pledge throughout the duration of their pre-marriage relationship. This among Christians is not so strange, but the floodgates of social and televised media unleashed a flood of comments--both good and downright nasty as well as some in between--when they found out that the newly minted Mrs. Bowman presented her father with a certificate of celibacy, signed by her doctor.
  • Canada's Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau

    Canada Election: We, the Church, Are To Blame

    Canada just elected a Prime Minister who is an untested, pro-Islamic, anti-Christian, pro-gay, pro-abortion politician who admires China's dictatorship, bans pro-life members in his party, and values how the province of Ontario is run (which is more in debt than California, run by a militant lesbian, and promotes a radical sex "education" program that was created by a convicted child sex offender).
  • Baby Heartbeat, Ultrasound Image

    America: A Nation without A Heart

    America may still be considered great by many, yet that greatness is becoming more and more diminished as the years pass due to the poor, heartless decisions our nation as a whole has made. America has lost her heart, yet she may yet regain it.
  • The crescent moon, the symbol of Allah (formerly one moon god among many gods), and of Islam.

    The One Thing Muslims Get Right

    Islam, a religion of violence gets many things wrong. The daily world news is chocked full of attempted and carried out terrorist attacks as well as honor killings and other crimes. There are many stark differences between Christianity and Islam, yet there is one thing that the Muslims get right.
  • BuzzFeed Video

    BuzzFeed Video: 'I’m a Christian, But I’m Not…' Means You’re NOT a Christian

    You may be familiar with the recent viral video by BuzzFeed, "I'm a Christian, But I'm Not." The video seeks to explain why this carefully curated collection of "Christians" is better than those like, I don't know--Kim Davis, are better and a higher quality, more relevant to the times than the traditional Christians. Some of the ways they describe themselves is "not homophobic," "not close-minded," "don't place myself on a pedestal," and of course, the trinity of Christianity: not "judgmental," "conservative," or "ignorant." To read these descriptions, you'd think all Christians had an inflated sense of self, with no education, intelligence, common sense, or openness to people or ideas.
  • Kim Davis

    Kim Davis: Comfort or Calling?

    A grievous assault has been made on American Christianity. Our country, established for and upon religious freedom, has now come to the socially acceptable practice of criminalizing it. When Kentucky County Clerk, Kim Davis, was held in contempt of court for refusing to sign a same-sex 'marriage' license, her constitutional right to practice the religion of her choice was trampled before all.
  • John MacArthur Confrontation, Phil Johnson Interview

    John MacArthur’s Confrontation: How Should We Respond To Prophetic Ministry?

    I recently wrote about the young Scottish prophet who confronted Pastor John MacArthur with a word of correction. In addition to almost 200 article comments at the time of my writing this article, there has also been an unexpected wave of backlash on my Twitter and personal blogsite from the infamous Executive Director of Pastor MacArthur's Grace to You media ministry and his followers. This confrontation has raised several questions. I'll address them as best I can.
  • Chris Kyle

    Review of American Sniper By Navy Seal Chris Kyle as Well as His Christian Faith

    American Sniper, a recent film directed by the one and only Clint Eastwood, was based on a book of the same name, written by Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. I have already written about how the film differed from the movie, so I decided to read the book. What I discovered was a story about war and faith, and what it really means to be a soldier.
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