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  • Newsweek Bible Coverage

    Newsweek Slams the Bible, Labels Christians ‘God’s Frauds’

    From the first sentence, Newsweek's leading cover story of 2015 - 'The Bible: So Misunderstood It's a Sin' - the author paints a hateful picture of what the he refers to as 'cafeteria Christians.' People who pick and choose Bible verses to best suit their arguments, the article claims, then seek to cram their beliefs down the throats of any passerby while twisting phrases and customizing translations to prove their biases and beliefs still honor God's word.
  • Pete Sampras, Agassi - USA Tennis Players

    Who Will Be Next Standard Bearer for Men's Tennis from USA?

    One of the big questions that arises every year at the US Open is: Who will be the next standard bearer for Men's tennis from the USA. The US has been pushed to a second tier by the extraordinary successes of Nadal, Djokovic and Federrer for the past 5-6 years. US tennis fans once complained about Pete Sampras and how he was "colorless"-but those same fans now yearn for any homegrown talent to fill this void.
  • Johnny Manziel

    When I Watch Johnny Manziel, I See God at Work

    "I knew even then God had bigger plans for [Johnny], but I never dreamed it would be this. His ways are way higher than my little mind thinks."-- Michelle Manziel (mother) "Thank you, Jesus. We're very blessed." -- Paul Manziel (father)
  • Rev. Stacy Swimp

    Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) Have Voted to Worship Man!

    The top legislative body of the Presbyterian Church (USA) voted on Thursday to support marriage redefinition in their church constitution, adding language that marriage can be the union of ''two people'' instead of only ''a man and a woman.''
  • Katy Perry Grammy Awards 2014 Performance Pictures

    Katy Perry's Grammys 'Satanic' Performance Proves they’ve Reached a Dark, New Low

    In a stage set to look much like an eery night in Salem, MA years ago, Katy Perry performed her song "Dark Horse" at the Grammys. She starts the song enclosed in a crystal ball, surrounded by darkness, and begins singing: "I knew you were/ You were gonna come to me/And here you are / But you better choose carefully / 'Cause I, I'm capable of anything / Of anything and everything..."
  • CNN Founder Ted Turner

    Will CNN Founder Ted Turner's Faith Save Him?

    CNN founder Ted Turner talked briefly about his newfound faith in an extensive interview in light of his upcoming 75th birthday. The successful businessman and former atheist who once called Christianity a "religion for losers" now considers himself to be agnostic.
  • Nancy Leigh Demoss

    Leah Darrow and Nancy Leigh DeMoss: Why Modesty Matters

    After celebrating the virtue of modesty at the Modesty Matters event Hawaiian Falls waterpark on Saturday, I felt encouraged to explore the Biblical call to modesty. There are vast differences between American fashion trends and the way that our culture promotes feminism, versus what the Lord has designed concerning modesty for His glory and for our good. America's Next Top Model contestant Leah Darrow told The Gospel Herald at the event that despite what many in our culture may pursue, she desires to be modest in dress, in speech, and in conduct.
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