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  • Progress in Pakistani Rape Case, but Alleged Victim's Father Dies

    LAHORE, Pakistan – A Christian mother of five who was allegedly raped by two Muslims rejoiced after police in Pakistan’s Kasur district arrested a suspect and suspended an officer who had dismissed her complaints, but her solace was short-lived when her father collapsed and died Friday night (Sept. 30) after learning of her ordeal.
  • Why Is Islamic Extremism Growing in Indonesia?

    JAKARTA, Indonesia – The suicide bombing of a church in Central Java on Sept. 25 pointed not only to a new level of attacks on religious minorities in the world’s largest Muslim-majority country but to a political bent that accommodates Islamist extremism.
  • Christians in China Suffer for Supporting Shouwang Church

    Last Sunday (Aug. 28) five members of a house church in Fangshan, Hebei township woke at 4 a.m. and traveled for two hours to a public square in Beijing in order to worship with members of the embattled Beijing Shouwang house church.
  • Christian Nurse in Pakistan Boldly Opts to Report Videotaped Rape

    LAHORE, Pakistan – A Christian nurse here filed a police report on Saturday (Sept. 3) alleging she was raped by a Muslim colleague who filmed the act in an attempt to blackmail her into renouncing her faith and marrying him, she and hospital sources told Compass.
  • Muslim Extremists in India Attack, Threaten Christian Women

    NEW DELHI – Four months after a recent convert to Christianity from Islam in eastern India’s West Bengal state was stripped and beaten, about 50 Muslim extremists yesterday disrupted a prayer meeting held in her home, threatening to burn it down if she did not return to Islam, area Christians said.
  • House Church Alliance Leader in China Sentenced to Labor Camp

    Authorities this week sentenced Shi Enhao, deputy leader of the Chinese House Church Alliance (CHCA), to two years of “re-education through labor” – a sentence that requires no trial or conviction, according to the China Aid Association (CAA).
  • Beleaguered Chinese Church to Provide Legal Aid to Members

    DUBLIN - Leaders of the troubled Shouwang house church in Beijing have established a legal committee to assist church members facing arrest or house arrest, the loss of employment or homes and forced relocation to their home towns.
  • 'Blasphemy' Laws in Egypt; Sudan Threatens Converts

    ISTANBUL and NAIROBI – Shifting political winds in the north African countries of Egypt and Sudan will leave their mark on history, but local attitudes ensure one thing remains unchanged: the laws against defaming Islam will stand like granite in a sandstorm.
  • Indonesian Church Reports Defiant Mayor to National Police

    JAKARTA, Indonesia – A month that saw the Bogor city mayor defying a Supreme Court decision granting a building permit for a church in Bogor, West Java culminated in police turning away those seeking to worship and church leaders on Friday filing a police complaint on the mayor with National Police.
  • More Details Emerge on Murder of Pakistan’s Christian Cabinet Member

    LAHORE, Pakistan – Suspected Islamic extremists sprayed 25 to 30 bullets at Federal Minister for Minority Affairs Shahbaz Bhatti’s car on Wednesday as he came out of his mother’s home in a residential area of the Pakistani capital to attend a meeting of the federal cabinet.
  • Muslims in Pakistan Burn, Beat Evangelist Unconscious

    SARGODHA, Pakistan (CDN) - An evangelist is still recovering from burns after six young Muslim men beat him with clubs and belts and set him on fire last month in a village near this Punjab Province city, the Christian told Compass.
  • Pakistani Christian Sentenced to Death Stunned, Shattered

    SHEIKHUPURA, Pakistan (Compass Direct News) – Ashiq Masih, with his stooped posture, frail body and dull yellow eyes, stands in a small compartment in the Sheikhupura District Jail with his three daughters – Sidra, Eesha and Eeshum. The girls are weeping silently.
  • Pakistani Woman Appeals Death Sentence for 'Blasphemy'

    LAHORE, Pakistan (Compass Direct News) – Attorneys for a Christian mother of five sentenced to death by hanging for allegedly speaking ill of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, have filed an appeal of the verdict, they said.
  • Violent Death of Girl in Pakistan Spurs Push for Justice

    LAHORE, Pakistan (Compass Direct News) – A daring protest and a high-profile funeral here on Monday (Jan. 25) for a 12-year-old Christian girl who died from torture and malnourishment has cast a rare spotlight on abuse of the Christian poor in Pakistan.
  • Christians Most Hit by Religious Freedom Violations in Indonesia

    JAKARTA, Indonesia (Compass Direct News) – A moderate Muslim research institute focusing on interfaith issues in Indonesia reported 35 cases of government violations of religious freedom – including 28 against Christians – and 93 instances of community intolerance of churches in 2009.
  • Forced Recantations of Faith Continue in Vietnam

    HANOI, Vietnam (Compass Direct News) – A Vietnamese man violently forced to recant his fledgling Christian faith faces pressure from authorities and clansmen to prove his return to traditional Hmong belief by sacrificing to ancestors next month.
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