Reporter : By Ed Wrather
  • It's Up to You

    Have you ever wondered if you were adopted? Some people have had that surprise in their lives, and Matthew Roberts is one of them. He found out from his sister when he was ten-years-old that he had been adopted.
  • How to be Happy: Give

    Psychologists have found evidence in their studies that "altruistic" acts boost happiness in those who give. Looking up altruism in my dictionary I found that it means, "regard for or devotion to the interests of others." Interesting in that this is what the Bible tells us we should be doing.
  • The Fragrance of Your Life

    A woman in the city of Trabzon, Turkey has been ordered by health and safety officials to remove the cows from her apartment building. Local alderman Osman Terzi said, "I have learned that Fatma Kocaman has started selling her cows, which is a very pleasing development.
  • Climbing Mountains

    These are difficult days that we live in for millions of people. From the prayer requests being posted at the Burning Bush website there appears to be an increase in desperation and an increase in urgency. Here are a few quotes:
  • Break the Cycle

    What would you do if you had to repeat the same day over and over again? In the movie "Groundhog Day" that is what happens to Phil Connors (Bill Murray) who is sent to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, to do a story on the annual Groundhog Day festivities.
  • What are You Afraid of?

    An article in the newspaper caught my eye several years ago. The article asked the question, "Are American's becoming scaredy cats?" (To be a "scaredy cat" is to be unduly or excessively fearful.) The article also asked if Americans had forgotten how to face a well-calculated risk and if the West were still to be won, could we roundup enough brave souls to win it? The article discussed a book by Harold W. Lewis entitled, "Technological Risk. What are the real dangers, if any, of toxic chemicals, the greenhouse effect, microwave radiation, nuclear power, air travel, automobile travel, carcinogens of all kinds, and other threats to our peace of mind."