Reporter : By Michelle A. Vu
  • Missional Church Movement – The Next Big Thing?

    More people are talking about going missional. Churches want in on the missional movement. But what is it really and why are some claiming it is the biggest development in Christianity since the Reformation?
  • Time-Zone Crossing Prayer Wave to Circle Planet

    A spiritual “shockwave” will start to make its way around the world in less than 12 hours as young Christians from Malaysia to the United States join together from their respective countries to pray for the millions of fellow believers who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Prison Ministry Tells Congress How to Save Billions

    WASHINGTON – As Congress jostles and wrestles with one another over how to best spend billions of tax dollars to resuscitate the economy, a prison ministry approached the government with ideas on how to not spend and instead save billions.
  • Graham: Arrest of Bashir Threatens Chaos in Sudan

    In a shocking statement Tuesday, American evangelist and relief organization head Franklin Graham said he prefers the Sudanese president – who is facing an international arrest for crimes against humanity – to remain in power.
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    Clinton Ends Asia Tour with Church Visit

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ended her four-country Asia tour on Sunday by attending service at a state-sanctioned church in China and talking to rights activists.
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    Christian Right, Left Find Common Ground in Poverty Reduction

    WASHINGTON – It’s not often that Christians on the right and left find common ground on public policies, but that was exactly the case Tuesday when politically diverse Christian leaders joined forces to offer solutions to reduce poverty in America.
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    Inaugural Concert Sensitive to Diverse Faiths, Culture

    WASHINGTON – Streets were filled with Obama memorabilia, celebrities were rolled out until the shock faded, and a gay bishop made a clear effort not to give a Christian prayer during the inaugural opening ceremony Sunday at the Lincoln Memorial. It was an event that not only showcased Barack Obama’s enormous popularity but also displayed the administration’s determination to embrace diversity.
  • 10 Stupid Things That Keep Churches from Growing

    A well-seasoned, self-confessed “church addict” who has tasted both the joy and pain of being a church pastor recently completed a humorous yet painfully honest book on the ten most common mistakes pastors make that keep their churches from growing.
  • Evangelical Spokesman Takes No Side on Gaza Conflict

    The head of the largest evangelical body in the world released a statement Sunday night on the Gaza-Israel conflict in which he avoided blaming either side for the current outbreak in violence but instead urged the international community to make all possible efforts to end the complicated hostility.
  • Christian Youth Prepare for Cyber-Missions Trip

    Dozens of churches around the world are planning to participate in a special missions trip that involves bringing Christ and His message to a huge community where the Gospel is not the most popular subject.
  • India Supreme Court Orders Protection for Orissa Christians

    India’s Supreme Court ordered this week the state government of Orissa to protect the tens of thousands of Christians being targeted by Hindu extremists in the worst sectarian violence since the country’s independence from Britain.
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    Gaza Church Leader: Children Wake Up Screaming in Fear

    Citizens in Gaza are all suffering from food shortages, lack of medical care, power outages and a long list of other problems, but a church leader living amid the turmoil says the children are the greatest sufferers of the Gaza-Israel conflict.
  • Activist Criticizes Warren, Reveals Christian Right’s Fear

    A conservative activist revealed the Christian Right’s fear in the alliance between megapastor Rick Warren and President-elect Barack Obama in a column Monday that criticizes Warren for accepting the invitation to give the invocation at Obama’s inauguration.
  • Rick Warren Praises Obama's Courage amid Uproar

    Amid a firestorm of criticism from pro-choice and gay marriage supporters, Pastor Rick Warren has called President-elect Barack Obama courageous for taking the risk of choosing him to deliver the inaugural invocation.
  • obamawarren.bmp

    Obama Invites Rick Warren to Pray at Inauguration

    President-elect Barack Obama has invited evangelical pastor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his inauguration in January, sparking disgruntled complaints from the gay rights camp angry at Warren for supporting the anti-gay marriage amendment, Proposition 8, in California.
  • Watch Group Presses U.S. Action for Iraqi Minorities

    A U.S. religious freedom monitoring body said on Tuesday that religious minority groups in Iraq are facing “ongoing severe abuses” and urges the U.S. government to take stronger action to address the situation.
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