Reporter : By R. Leigh Coleman
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    Want to Live Longer? Try Volunteering With Good Motive

    A fresh look at people who volunteer to help others shows they may live longer than those who don’t – depending on their reasons to help, according to a recent report published in the journal Health Psychology.
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    China Slams US for Pushing Religious Freedom

    Leaders in China are not pleased with this week’s International Religious Freedom Report by the United States, which has continued to criticize China for not allowing its people to worship and practice their own religion.
  • God's Word: Plenty of Apps for That

    Millions of Christians are engaging in the word of God on-the-go by using something they carry with them all the time – their mobile phones. Modern technology and Christian doctrine continue to collide when it comes to the Bible as there are plenty of “apps for that.”
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    9/11: A Wake-Up Call for God's People

    Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of American Christian evangelist Dr. Billy Graham, passionately believes that the tragic events of September 11, 2001, were a wake-up call for all Christians. The Christian clock is still ticking toward another watershed moment.
  • Eating Hot Dogs as Risky as Smoking Cigarettes?

    Chowing down on a juicy hot dog is just as risky to our health as smoking a cigarette. That's the message on a giant billboard perched 200 feet in the air near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
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    Royal Fever Hits LA: Prince William, Kate Arrive Friday

    Southern Californians are on a "Royal Watch" starting today as Britain's Prince William and his wife, Catherine, arrive to begin a three-day swing through Tinseltown. However, according to Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, private secretary for the Royals, the popular newlyweds will not be sightseeing the Hollywood Hills, strolling down Venice Beach, touring the famous Kodak Theatre, or shopping on Rodeo Drive.
  • Voting 'Yes' to Gay Marriage May Cost NY Politicians

    Political leaders seeking re-election may have lost a bundle of financial support for the next election cycle despite the victory songs being sung by proponents of New York’s historic vote to legalize same-sex marriage this week.
  • Lesbian Minister Suspended for Performing Same-Sex Ceremony

    A lesbian minister was suspended from her church duties Thursday and ordered to spend the next 20 days as a time for spiritual discernment. A jury of 13 United Methodist clergy convicted the Rev. Amy DeLong on a charge of performing a same-sex union, which is in violation of church law.
  • Study: Social Media Saves Lives in the Middle East

    Social networking websites now play a critical role in anti-government protests sweeping the Middle East and North Africa. But media experts say the people, not the technology, are driving the demonstrations.