Reporter : By Wonderzone
  • What Are God's Rules for Us?

    Long ago God gave His people ten special laws to show them how holy He is and how sinful people are. The laws also tell us how God wants His people to live. We call these laws the Ten Commandments:
  • Does God Expect Me to Be Holy?

    When the prophet Isaiah saw the vision of God and the angels covering their faces in reverence, he saw how holy God is. If you were Isaiah, what would you be thinking? Maybe you would think about how sinful you really are.
  • What Does It Mean That God Is Holy?

    Isaiah was one of God's great prophets. God also spoke to Isaiah. God told Isaiah to tell people that one day the Savior of the world would come.
  • How Powerful Is God?

    The 4 1/2 million-pound spaceship Columbia blasted off with a long fiery tail. Two minutes later, it had reached an altitude of 23 miles. It circled the globe at 17,000 miles per hour. Imagine the power that it took to push that huge rocket through space at that speed!