Reporter : Dr. David Wang
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    Where Have All the Young Men Gone?

    Deep in the villages of Henan, the “Pentecostal Province” of China, Christians had been waiting. When we arrived, the atmosphere was jubilant. The singing was victorious and their prayers fervent. The meetings were very long, and packed with older folks, women and children.
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    China's Church Speaks Up

    Recently I spent a few days in Singapore with five key house church leaders of China. Two are from multi-generation Christian families. Two are first generation Christians. One is a Korean Chinese whose mother was a Bible woman in the revolution era.
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    How Do We Pray for China?

    Pastor Cui Quan, of Shanghai, was probably the most targeted Christian leader of China in 2009. Early in the year, since hosting a group of urban house church leaders from different cities, he was visited by many government agencies of the city.