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    Chinese Church Leaders Urge Prayers and Concern for Philippine Earthquake Disaster

    An earthquake of magnitude 6.9 struck the village of Songgon, Philippines, on Monday, February 6, 2012, leaving at least 43 dead and many more missing. Chinese Coordination Center of World Evangelism (CCCOWE) urged concern and care for the Philippines earthquake, praying that the Lord will be together with the search and rescue efforts and at the same time allowing more Filipino to come to know Jesus.
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    Life Without Limits, Limbless Nick Vujicic to Get Married!

    Limbless Australian motivational speaker Nick Vujicic announced the news of his engagement to his long-time girlfriend Kanae, according to his Facebook fan page. He has also posted a picture of himself with his fiancés, which received thousands of congratulatory remarks from his fans.
  • min_20110713_Dr_Leung.jpg

    Thomas In-Sing Leung: The Chinese Model of Joy and Sorrow, Part II

    Despite China's economic achievements, the Chinese people's spiritual emptiness and confusion are becoming more and more evident as a result of the rapid secularization of the market economy and the effects from the Cultural Revolutions. Dr. Thomas In-Sing Leung, president and honorary chairman of C.R.R.S., continues to explain the cause and cure for the suffering Chinese souls.
  • Thomas In-Sing Leung: The Chinese Model of Joy and Sorrow, Part I

    During the Cultural Revolution, China’s GDP was ranked as the last of the world. Thirty years after the reformation, her GDP is now ranked as the world’s second. What’s more is that she has become the largest holder of debts for the most powerful nations in the world. She has used thirty years to catch up with the West’s modernization process that took around two hundred years. What kind of success factors are there?
  • TSPM-CCC Bible Exhibition Poster.jpg

    China Bible Ministry Exhibition Launches Website, Int'l Leaders Offer Blessings

    The government-registered church body from China will be holding a series of Bible exhibitions in four U.S. cities from September to November this year. With the theme “Thy Word is Truth”, “The Bible Ministry Exhibition of Protestant Church in China” is organized by the Chinese Christian Council and Three-Self Patriotic Movement of Protestant Churches (CCC/TSPM). The event’s official website English Edition was launched on July 1st, and the Chinese edition will follow shortly.
  • min_20110712_dingguo2.jpg

    How can North American Chinese Contribute to China’s Post-Awakening Era?

    Seeing China’s rapid economic development and the essential role that she plays in the international stage, overseas Chinese can’t help but be ambivalent? On one hand, they hope for their motherland’s good in hope to return and join in on making money; at the same time, neither do they want China to excel, or else how can they prove that their decision to immigrate was correct! OMNI Television producer Ding Guo pointed out some overseas Chinese’ mindsets in the “Cultural China” forum held on July 10th.
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    Limbless Nick Vujicic Blesses 40,000 Taiwanese on “Never Give Up” Tour

    “If a person without hands and feet can surf the world’s top surfing spots, then everything is possible for you!” Australian limbless evangelist Nick Vujicic was invited by Eden Social Welfare Foundation in Taiwan to speak at a series of conferences titled “Never Give Up” held in Taichung, Taipei, and Kaohsiung beginning from July 1. Over 40,000 participants were recorded, setting a new benchmark.
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    Radiation Leakage Continues, Fukushima Church Pastor Covets Fervent Prayers

    Two workers at Japan’s stricken nuclear facility were hospitalized Thursday after being exposed to high levels of radiation, officials at the nation’s nuclear safety agency said. A third worker was also exposed but did not require hospitalization. Japanese pastor in Fukushima called for fervent prays that church can survive the crisis and the work of mission would not be stopped, that they would rise again, radiation leak would be stopped.
  • ''Beyond'' Receives Legal Distribution Rights in Mainland China

    China Soul Association recently announced that their newly produced documentary “Beyond” is now legally distributed in mainland China. According to his blog, Rev. Yuan Zhi-Ming, founder of China Soul Association and producer of the documentary, hopes that "Beyond" can be used by the Lord to give blessings, so the billion Chinese brothers and sisters can receive peace and blessings in this apocalyptic, crooked, and disaster-stricken era
  • Yuan Zhi-Ming: Drop the Historical Enmities, Care for Japan with Love

    Four days has passed since the 9.0 earthquake struck northern Japan, causing a giant tsunami that engulfed an entire port city of Sendai. Furthermore, four nuclear reactors are now under serious risks of radiation leakage that has caused widespread unrest to major Japanese cities as far as Tokyo. China Soul Association founder and director Rev. Zhiming Yuan urged Chinese Christians to break through the ethnic-cultural divide for the sake of the gospel of Christ, putting down the historical enmities, and show the love of God through caring for the Japanese disaster victims.
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    China Internet Users to Reach 750 Million by 2015, Forecasts McKinsey & Co.

    McKinsey's report "Understanding China's Digital Consumers" was released in late February, which surveyed 4,800 internet users from more than 20 Chinese cities and interviewed 500 non-internet consumers. The report categorized internet users into heavy, moderate, and light, where the youths comprise of the majority.
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    NRB Awards Doris Brougham for Enormous Contributions to the Chinese

    Well-known English teacher to Chinese people worldwide Doris Brougham, fondly known as Teacher Peng Meng-hu, received two prestigious National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) awards – International Individual Outstanding Award and Milestone Award – at the NRB Convention and Exposition held from February 26th thru March 1st.
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    YouVersion Bible App Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) Version in the Making

    Just a month after Bible app reached its milestone of 10 million downloads, released its Chinese (Simplified and Traditiona) versions for online users, and the Chinese version for the Bible app will be available soon. "YouVersion4China" or "YouVersion4Chinese project", a volunteer-based project, is a partnership effort between jidutu-wiki, an independent team of Chinese developer, and YouVersion to finish the YouVersion localization as a community effort, said Jerry Cheng, chief-editor of jidutu-wiki.
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    10,000 Christians in Hong Kong Pray for Youth Drug Problems

    The 14th annual million hour prayer movement “Do This Prayer” was held last month at the Hong Kong football stadium, which drew over 10,000 believers from throughout Hong Kong. With the theme “Stop, Think – Prayer, Life, Positive Energy”, the organizing committee - Hong Kong Jireh Foundation and Hong Kong Campus Crusade for Christ – has placed this year's focus on youth’s saying no to drugs. The speakers for this year’s venue were Rev. Ping-Kwong Li, chairman of the Hong Kong Church Network for the Poor, and Dr. Philemon Choi, honorary director of Breakthrough Ministries.
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    China President Hu Jintao Admits Needs to Improve Human Rights Record

    China President Hu Jintao’s visit to the United States has been in the international media spot light in the last couple of days. In a rare event, Hu and Obama answered questions from reporters of both United States and China media group at a joint press conference held on January 19.
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    200,000 Affected by Once in a Century Flood in Australia

    Australia’s flood crisis continues to elongate to the south-east region, causing at least 30 deaths and hundreds missing. Numerous states have been affected, where tens of thousands of homes have been flooded. Experts estimate that the reconstruction would cost close to 2 billion US dollars.
  • min_20090408_1.jpg

    James Hudson Taylor IV: Chinese People, Go Out!

    The fifth-generation descendant of British missionary James Hudson Taylor, the man foremost responsible for spreading Christianity in China, urged the Chinese people to follow God’s will and fulfill the Great Commission.
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