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  • JoJo Fletcher- The New Bachelorette

    'The Bachelorette' JoJo Fletcher Spoilers: Filming Has Begun, Who Will She be Dating? (Cast)

    Many watched as Bachelor Ben Higgins gave the final rose to Lauren and proposed to her, after sending JoJo Fletcher away in the limo, heartbroken after Ben told her that he loved her... but he loved somebody else more. JoJo didn't have to stay heartbroken for too long, though, because she received an invitation to be the new Bachelorette. Now it's her turn to go breaking hearts. Filming has already started. Find out more here.
  • 'Little Big Shots' with Steve Harvey

    'Little Big Shots' Renewed For Season 2 on NBC, Cast and Spoilers

    Just two episodes into their first season, NBC has already renewed Little Big Shots for a second season. Hosted by Family Feud's, Steve Harvey, Little Big Shots is a show that highlights the talents of some amazing kids. Ellen Degeneres is an executive producer with a Very Good Production and Warner Horizon Television. Here's a little more about the show- the acts, and when to watch the next episode, plus how to watch previous episodes.
  • Daisy Ridley as Rey Would Make a Good Laura Croft in 'Tomb Raider' Reboot

    A New 'Tomb Raider' Reboot Movie to Possibly Star Daisy Ridley from 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'; Ridley Responds to Body-Shaming on Social Media

    The new Tomb Raider reboot has been in the works for a while. Warner Bros and MGM got together with Roar Uthaug back in November to direct the film, and Transformers 5 writer, Geneva Robertson-Dworet, writing the script. Although, there isn't an official say of who will be taking the lead acting role of Laura Croft, there has been talk, and Deadline says that Daisy Ridley is a possible candidate to take over the role former played by Angelina Jolie.
  • Canela as Jesus Preaching to His Disciples

    'The Passion: Live' Comes to Fox TV: Watch the Final Days of Jesus Modernized

    Television has been seeing a lot of success with live musicals being brought to the screen lately. In January, Fox brought in the 2nd highest amount of viewers- right after The Sound of Music: Live for Grease: Live with 12.2 million viewers. They're hoping to go for another record with their next live TV musical, The Passion, which takes the atonement story and modernizes it, placing it in the city of New Orleans.
  • 'Dancing With the Stars' Season 22 Cast Revealed

    'Dancing With the Stars' 2016 Season 22 Cast Revealed On 'Good Morning America' Today! Who Will Win the Mirrorball Trophy?

    The 2016 Season 22 cast for ABCs Dancing With the Stars was revealed this morning on Good Morning America. All twelve contestants and their partners who will be choreographing routines and teaching them to waltz, tango and jive were there in Times Square as the live announcement was made. There are "stars" from very different backgrounds- football, acting, and even the ex-wife of a presidential nominee. Who will be favored to win the coveted mirrorball trophy? Here's the complete list.
  • Once Upon a Time

    ABC's 'Once Upon a Time' Renewed For Season 5, Air Date: What Might We See in Future Episodes

    Viewers tuned into ABC Sunday night to catch the 100th episode of Once Upon a Time. The show's 5th season had a mid-season hiatus lasting about three months, and fans are happy to know that after this season is over, their favorite show will be returning for a sixth season. Learn more about what we could see in the future with new characters, and the success of the show.
  • Fuller House Pictures

    'Fuller House' Season 2 Has Officially Been Picked Up For Netflix

    Fuller House fans are rejoicing! Netflix has officially renewed the show for a second season, which was announced March 2nd, less than a week after the nostalgic show rolled out on Netflix. Many fans binge-watched the thirteen episodes in a few days- even as little as the same day.
  • Married at First Sight

    'Married at First Sight' Season 3 Finale Recap and Spoilers; Will There be a Season Four?

    Married at First Sight wrapped up Season 3 in probably the most expected way last night. We heard the decisions of the remaining two couples- as Ashley had said she didn't want to continue to stay married to David in the previous episode. This begs the question, "Will there be a fourth season?" Did you catch the finale yet? There will be spoilers here!
  • Samsung Galaxy S7

    Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone 6S Comparison; Release Date for Galaxy S7

    The iPhone 6S by Apple has been out on the market since September 25th, 2015. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is not out at the moment, but was announced recently at Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain that Samsung customers will be able to get their phones by March 11th. Still, if you haven't decided which phone is the best for you yet, this article may give you more of an idea.
  • Minecraft

    Minecraft 1.9 Release Date Update After Mojang's Delay

    Minecraft fans have been anticipating the next big patch for a while now. On Tuesday, Mojang announced that they would be delaying the release of their update of Minecraft 1.9. Fortunately, it won't be too much longer before the patch will be here. Find out when, and more details of the update.
  • Scully

    The X-Files Season 11 Renewal: Season 10 Finale Recap, What a Cliffhanger!

    Holy cliffhanger, Mulder! Monday night's final episode of the six-episode mini-season caused a lot of fans to cry and tear their garments, and don sackcloth and ash, as the producers of X-Files ended the season in their usual manner- leaving their viewers hanging. Will Fox bring Scully and Mulder back for another season?
  • Disney's 'Pete's Dragon'

    'Pete's Dragon' Remake: New Teaser Trailer Released

    Last night on The Wonderful World of Disney:Disneyland 60, the show that celebrated Disneyland's 60th anniversary, the official US teaser trailer for the "reimagining" of Pete's Dragon was released. This Pete's Dragon is not the musical cartoon mixed with live acting from 1977 that many of us grew up on. The plot may be vaguely similar, but like other Disney remakes, it's not exactly like the classic film. Here's more info on the movie and the release date.
  • Grey's Anatomy

    'Grey's Anatomy' Season 12 Episode 10 Recap: 'All I Want is You'; Episode 11 Air date and Preview

    Last week on ABC's Grey's Anatomy, we got to finally find out what happened to Meredith Grey, and follow her in the emotional and dramatic journey as she recovered and learned about forgiveness of herself and others. This week's episode was a little easier for this heart to take, but we do get to see some more progression in the plots that have been suspended in the mid-season cliffhanger.
  • Survivor Kaoh Rong:Brains vs. Brawn Vs. Beauty

    'Survivor' Season 32 In Kaoh Rong; What Happened in the Premiere Episode?

    The 32nd season of Survivor premiered last night, and the obligatory introduction of all the contestants happened. The tribes, as mentioned before, were divided up into Brains, Brawn and Beauty. Survivor this season promises to be extra grueling- the most grueling 39 days in Survivor history. Here's what went down in the first episode.
  • 'Pee-Wee's Big Adventure'

    'Pee-wee's Big Holiday' Release Date for Netflix; Will Pee-wee Make a Big Comeback?

    Back in October 2014, Paul Reubens, well-known for his show, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, made a small announcement of his plans on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show. In January, we saw a short, teaser-trailer for Pee-wee's Big Holiday, the first full length feature film since Big Top Pee-wee in 1988. On February 16th, the full length trailer of Pee-Wee's Big Holiday was released by Netflix.
  • Transformers

    Transformers 5, 6 and 7 Release Dates: Michael Bay's Involvement and Other Rumors

    Back in 2014, it was rumored that Transformers 5 could be released in 2016, which would have followed the pattern of Paramount's release of a Transformers movie every two years. It would have also coincided with the 25th anniversary of the animated series, and the 30th anniversary of the franchise. The projected release date almost a year ago was June 24th, 2016 . However, the timeline has been bumped, and Paramount Pictures recently announced the new plan. What can we expect for the future of the series?
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