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  • Married at First Sight Season 3's Couples

    'Married at First Sight' Season Finale Air Date, Preview: Season 3, Episode 11 Recap

    Last week there were some big conflicts. Vanessa and Tres had a fight, and Vanessa left. Ashley told David that she got a message from a friend that David had asked a girl out for drinks. They've been together for five weeks. In a week and a half, they will make the decision to cut out, or continue on in their marriage. Will each couple be able to work out their differences?
  • Scully and Mulder Contemplate the Deep Questions

    'X-Files' Season 10 Episode 4 'Home Again' Recap: What This Week's Monster Reveals

    Last week's episode of the X-Files was quirky, comical and crazy. There was a lot of introspection done by Mulder. This week, there seems to be a flip, and it's Scully who is forced to think about her life in this episode, entitled "Home Again." It is most definitely more serious than last week, and this may have been the purpose of switching the order to avoid following up such a serious episode with silliness.
  • The Bachelor Ben Higgins

    ABC's 'The Bachelor' Season 20 Episode 6 Recap: Who Gets Stranded on An Island?

    And now the drama continues... on The Bachelor. If you didn't remember the cliff hanger of the last episode, fans were waiting to see if Ben would take Olivia's rose back. Who gets to continue on as the cast heads to the Bahamas. 2 girls get roses on dates. Two girls get rejected before the final rose ceremony. Find out more!
  • Survivor Kaoh Rong:Brains vs. Brawn Vs. Beauty

    CBS 'Survivor' Season 32 in Kaoh Rong: Hidden Immunity Idol Twist; Contestants to Include Former NBA Player and 'Big Brother' Star

    What's said to be "The most punishing season ever," on the promo videos, Survivor season 32 is due to start up in a little over a week, and fans are awaiting the start- especially after CBS took the opportunity to pump up their show during the Super Bowl. There are all new contestants in this Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty theme that has been seen in the past(season 28 Cagayan show). There is also a new hidden immunity idol twist that will be introduced.
  • Dancing With the Stars

    'Dancing With the Stars' 2016 Cast Rumors, Update: Jodie Sweetin To Join? Val Chmerkovskiy Being Sued for Fat-Shaming

    We're drawing ever nearer to the premiere of ABC's Dancing With the Stars as Ben on The Bachelor has been narrowing his future wife choices week-by-week. Naturally, everyone is trying to make guesses on which stars will be putting on their dancing shoes. The official announcement usually doesn't come out until about a week before, when it is announced on Good Morning America, but that doesn't stop the speculations, and sometimes little leaks. Want to know what the word is so far? And what's the word on Val Chmerkovskiy and the lawsuit against him?
  • Grey's Anatomy Season 12

    Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Mid-Season Episode 10 Premiere Date and More Insight on What Happened To Meredith; Episode 9 Recap

    Grey's Anatomy is coming back for its second half of its season next week after a tormenting cliff hanger back in November, and the TGIT promo that left everyone talking about what is going to happen to Meredith that leaves her bloodied on the floor of the hospital. Another promo for the show has given us a few more answers. Members of the cast have also given some hints as to what we will be seeing this season. Read more to find out.
  • Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster

    'X-Files' Season 10 Episode 4 'Home Again' Premiere Date (Feb. 8th on FOX); Episode 3 Recap and Easter Eggs

    Darin Morgan wrote and directed this week's episode of The X-Files. It was full of humor and inside jokes from the golden years- especially those episodes that Morgan wrote back then. Some fans have not agreed with the positive reviews of the show that point out the cleverness of the writing, and wondered why they seemingly have forgotten about the government consipiracy theory in the previous two episodes. Sometimes you just have to lighten up and poke fun at yourself.
  • Grease Live

    'Grease Live' Trends, Video: Reaches Top Two in Live TV Musical Audience Viewerships

    Numerous musicals have been brought to tv performances in the past years. NBC has taken Broadway to live TV performances of Peter Pan, The Sound of Music, and most recently, The Wiz. Fox tried their hand at live musical theater on their network, and the three-hour production brought in the 2nd highest ratings for a musical- right after NBC's live performance of The Sound of Music.
  • X-Files

    'X-Files' Season 10, Episode 3 Air Date (Feb. 1), Start Time: 'Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster'; Episode 1 & 2 Recap

    Back in 1993, Fox premiered the science fiction classic of X-Files. The show lasted nine seasons, and two movies were made. FBI special agents Dana Scully(Gilian Anderson) and Fox Mulder(David Duchovny) investigated paranormal phenomena. While Scully was brought in to question everything and try to debunk the evidence, Mulder was very much a believer. Season 9 ended in 2002, and this tenth season brings past fans, and others who are now interested, back into the story without skipping much of a beat- right into the year 2016. Can X-Files be the success it once was? The creator of the show, Chris Carter sure is going to try.
  • Super Bowl Ad

    Super Bowl 50 Ads: What Can We Expect this Year?

    Just a little over two weeks until the Super Bowl. Four teams will be playing this weekend to see who will be going all the way to play in Levi Stadium on February 7th. Fans are looking forward to food, fun, and... commercials. Commercials are usually hyped up in advance before the Super Bowl even begins. What are the rumors we are hearing about this year's promotions? Will the ads be better than last year?
  • Grey's Anatomy Season 12

    Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Mid-Season Premiere Date and Sneak Peek: What Happens to Meredith

    "You bring the wine and popcorn. We'll bring the awesomesauce," is the claim of the new TGIT promo that came out on January 7th. The trailer releases some dramatic teaser sneak peeks into the Thursday lineup of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder. Fans are awaiting a little more drama to bring in light to the dreary winter days- which will soon be turning into spring. Get a review on what has happened on this season of Grey's Anatomy, and a sneak peek into what could be happening as the Season 12 mid-season premiere looms in the not-so-distant future.
  • Gold 50 Lombardi Trophy

    Super Bowl 50: When and Where to Watch, Live Stream, Half-time Show, and Other Trivia

    12 NFL teams have been whittled down to 8 SuperBowl hopefuls. Fans are starting to prep for Super Bowl Sunday, even if they don't know that their teams will be playing in the game, or not. Big screen tvs are going on sale. Recipes for appetizers are being posted on Facebook. Things are getting serious. Find out all the info about the big game.
  • Married at First Sight Season 3

    'Married at First Sight' Season 3 Episode 7 Spoilers: Meet The In-laws, Recap

    As we saw in the previews for this week's episode of Married at First Sight, the couples are all still adjusting to their lives as married couples. Tres and Vanessa consummate their marriage, sealing the deal. Sam is worried about Neil being real in their marriage, and David is upset and storms out of the room, saying something about his dad dying- leaving Ashley unsure of what to do. We also saw that Tres had Vanessa worried about his commitment to the marriage after she had found him passed out on the couch after a night of drinking. Will our couples find some closure in this episode? The couples have been together for two weeks, and now it’s time to interact with the in-laws.
  • Bachelor Ben Season 20 of ABC's "The Bachelor"

    ABC's 'The Bachelor' Season 20 Premiere Episode Recap: Ben Meets His 28 Bachelorettes; Episode 2 Preview

    Ben Higgins, last season’s The Bachelorette contestant who had his heart broken by Kaitlyn Bristowe, commenced on his journey for another chance at love Monday night, as 28 women stepped out of a limo to meet him and try to win his heart for at least the night in order to remain longer, and hopefully become his future wife. Who will get to stay around and get an opportunity to try to become Mrs. Ben Higgins?
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