Reporter : Lauren Noske
  • Jeremy Lin and Jubilee Project

    Jeremy Lin Launches #ActsofLove Campaign: Seven Days of Demonstrating Love (Video)

    The Jeremy Lin Foundation launched a seven-day challenge for people to show love to others in simple, tangible ways. The campaign began with "Lost for Words," a video about Lin befriending a refugee from Myanmar who was being bullied by his new American classmates - a simple act of love, noticing and uplifting those whose hearts are downcast.
  • Mia Robertson and Duck Commander Family

    Duck Dynasty Mia Robertson Inspires Mia Moo Fund, Cleft Lip and Palate Foundation

    After receiving overwhelming support from fans nationwide when Mia Robertson underwent her recent facial cleft surgery, the Robertson family has started a non-profit organization to help raise awareness and to help fund research for children with cleft lips and palates. The eleven-year-old daughter of Missy and Jase had surgery in January, and is recovering speedily.
  • Jessica and Jep Robertson of Duck Dynasty

    How Did Duck Dynasty’s Jep and Jessica Robertson Meet? Jessica Shares Her Testimony

    Reality television star Jessica Robertson recently shared a bit of her testimony in an interview with Fox News. She spoke freely about the "baggage" that both she and Jep had in their past, and is thankful that they each came to know Christ. The couple now displays His goodness through their loving family to millions of "Duck Dynasty" viewers.
  • Focus on the Family - Irreplaceable

    Movie Review: Focus on the Family to Release 'Irreplaceable,' a Film on Importance of Family and History of Its Destruction

    Focus on the Family's upcoming release, "Irreplaceable," is a journey of forgiveness and of discovery for their New Zealand executive director, Tim Sisarich. The film documents Sisarich's quest around the globe to find the true meaning and purpose of family, and his discovery of how the sexual revolution, feminism, and a lack of accountability for men have lead to the destruction of the family worldwide.
  • 0509-castro_full_380.jpg

    Can Ariel Castro be Forgiven?

    Ariel Castro is being charged for holding three women captive in his home for about a decade, for raping these women, and for kidnapping Jocelyn, the six-year-old little girl that he fathered during that time. The Ohio prosecutor may also charge Castro with counts of murder for the brutal abuse that lead to the death of his captives' unborn children. If Castro were to be found guilty of these charges, he could potentially face the death penalty.