Reporter : Laurie Kellman
  • Bush would Veto Stem Cell Research Bill

    President Bush will again veto a bill to subsidize stem cell research using human embryos, but would sign an alternative that permits public funding for studies on embryos incapable of developing into
  • House to Resume Stem Cell Debate

    Opponents won't have much luck peeling off support from a bill to be debated in the House this week that would clear the way for expanding taxpayer-funded embryonic stem cell research.
  • Senate to Weigh Interstate Abortion Bill

    Senate Republicans sought Friday to draw the curtain on the legislative year with a vote on legislation they hope their supporters remember on Election Day — a bill to outlaw taking minors over state
  • Senate Rejects Ban on Gay 'Marriage'

    A constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage was defeated as predicted in the Senate Wednesday, but supporters say new votes for the measure represent progress that gives the GOP's base reason to v
  • Bush Rallies Gay 'Marriage' Opponents

    President Bush rallied support Monday for a ban on gay marriage as the Senate opened a volatile, election-year debate on a constitutional amendment to prohibit same-sex weddings.