Reporter : Loyd McIntosh
  • A.J. McCarron

    AJ McCarron: Who Is the Bengals Backup QB?

    After Andy Dalton's thumb injury Sunday against Pittsburgh, Cincinnati Bengals backup quarterback A.J. McCarron took over for the AFC North leader. Who is AJ McCarron and does he have what it takes to lead the Bengals, if necessary, into the playoffs?
  • Maryland Stadium, Formerly Byrd Stadium, University of Maryland

    University of Maryland Votes To Change The Name of Byrd Stadium

    The troubling trend of renaming buildings on university campuses has infected the world of college sports. In November, the University of Maryland Board of Regents voted to rename Byrd Stadium, the home field of the U. of M. football team, to the simple moniker Maryland Stadium. The board voted 12-5 in favor of the measure after student-led protests to rename the stadium began early in 2015.
  • St. Louis Rams Stadium

    Stadium Shenanigans In St. Louis; Will Corruption Claim Keep Rams From Leaving to Los Angeles?

    With the nation's second largest city, Los Angeles, begging the NFL for a professional football, to moving trucks are practically circling around St. Louis like hungry vultures. It's no secret that the city needs a new stadium to replace Edward Jones Dome to keep the Rams from bolting for Southern California. Now, as the drama unfolds regarding a proposed billion dollar stadium deal, one St. Louis politician has publicly claimed corruption in the process to keep the Rams in town.
  • Georgia School Team Prayer

    Prayers in Public School/Professional Sports: To Ban Or Not to Ban

    2015 has been a tough year for coaches and teams who wish to openly pray and worship God throughout the country. From sneering comments like "God doesn't care who wins or loses a game" to outright bans on prayer in public school sports, Christianity is less welcome than ever in the world of sports. However, research prayer may actually be beneficial. Can science reverse the anti-prayer trend in sports?
  • Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry

    Are the Golden State Warriors God’s Team?

    The Golden State Warriors improved their record to an insane 23-0 following a win over the Indiana Pacers, 131-123, Tuesday night in Indianapolis. The unprecedented winning streak has many in the sports commentary class wondering aloud the following: "Can the Warriors beat the 1995-96 Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls record of 72-10?"
  • Heisman Trophy

    Roundup: 2015 Heisman Trophy Finalists (Stanford, University of Alabama and Clemson Tigers)

    The 2015 Heisman Trophy finalists were announced on Monday, December 7, and while there may be few surprises in this year's crop of candidates, the athletes who earned an invitation this Saturday exemplify all that is right with sports. Alabama's Derrick Henry, Stanford's Christian McCaffery, and Clemson's Deshaun Watson have all made their cases on the field to earn college football's highest individual honor, but how do they stack up as men? Here's a wrap-up of what the media are saying about the 2015 Heisman Trophy finalists.
  • Michael Vick

    Michael Vick Lobbies For Animal Protection Bill

    In what can be best described as a head-turning change in public perception, NFL quarterback Michael Vick is now campaigning to help protect the welfare of animals. A controversial figure due to his past involvement in illegal dog fighting, Vick visited the Pennsylvania state capital in Harrisburg to lobby for the passage of a bill that would protect dogs and cats from being left alone in unattended cars.
  • Alabama Crimison Tide Head Coach Nick Saban

    Nick Saban Peppers Press Conference With Obscenities

    Nick Saban is at it again. The irascible head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide dressed down another reporter during a press conference ahead of a late-season non-conference matchup with the Charleston Southern College Buccanneers. A warm-up game prior to next week's Iron Bowl rivalry with Auburn, Charleston Southern is a small Division I FCS school out of the Big South Conference that in any sensible world should be a cakewalk for the nation's Number 2 squad. However, Saban did his best to destroy that notion by dropping a few choice obscene terms in response to a question about Buccaneers quarterback Austin Brown, a former Division I quarterback at UAB.
  • Stephen Curry

    Stephen Curry Of Golden State Warriors: The Best Ever?

    The Golden State Warriors have started the defense of their 2014-15 NBA championship in fine fashion. At the time of this writing, the Warriors are 15-0 and are within shouting distance of the NBA's best ever opening record of 16-0. The team's leader Stephen Curry is already in route to another MVP championship to go with his award from last season. The 6'3" guard is rightfully earning his reputation as professional basketball's best shooter ever.