Reporter : Mitch de Leon
  • Tony Romo

    NFL Rumors: Denver Broncos Prepare for Tony Romo Trade; Paxton Lynch Excited For Better QB Mentor

    The Denver Broncos are in trouble particularly with their quarterback post. With former third stringer Trevor Siemian leading the team and an underwhelming Paxton Lynch as his backup, the Super Bowl champions are in danger of losing their crown this year. While it might be too late for the Von Miller squad to make big changes, it looks like their only option is to plan ahead and search for ways to redeem themselves next NFL season.
  • Johnny Manziel

    NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Confirm Johnny Manziel Contract talks; Dak Prescott Fame Inspires Vet QB

    The Dallas Cowboys are the leading team in the NFC this season alongside the Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons. From a devastating year, which placed them at the bottom of the rankings, Jerry Jones' once troubled football team finds itself on top this time around. Even more surprisingly, the team managed to achieve this under the solid leadership of rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot. However, it looks like there are more surprises in store for fans of the Dez Bryant squad.
  • NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Houston Rockets

    NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Hint at Blake Griffin Trade Negotiation; DeAndre Jordan, Chris Paul Target Huge Payout For Swap

    The Miami Heat entered the NBA season with a bit of hesitation especially after the loss of Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh from their roster. With young stars Goran Dragic and Hassan Whiteside leading the Justise Winslow squad, the Pat Riley roster badly needs a boost from veteran stars. While the Los Angeles Clippers prepare to dominate the Western Conference playoffs, it appears that this could be the last year for Blake Griffin to play with DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul.
  • Jeremy Lin

    NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin Call For DeMarcus Cousins Trade; Linsanity Wants Boogey With Nets

    The Brooklyn Nets are slowly rebuilding their team as Jeremy Lin takes on a leadership role both on and off the hardwood court. However, the Brook Lopez team seems to be lacking in power to fully show off the talents they recently acquired. Hence, the NBA team appears to be looking for another leader to help the group reach their full potential. With that in mind, a DeMarcus Cousins trade is said to be in the works.
  • NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Golden State Warriors

    NBA Rumors: San Antonio Spurs Move to Sign Damian Lillard Trade; Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge Push for Trailblazers Deal

    The San Antonio Spurs are out to get their dominance in the Western Conference back. With Pau Gasol fresh off the Chicago Bulls now joining Kawhi Leonard, Patty Mills, and Danny Green take on the league's best teams, it looks like Gregg Popovich still has more players to add in the lineup. One surprising name comes up - the same name that had been linked to the then newly minted teammate LaMarcus Aldridge - and it's none other than Damian Lillard.
  • NBA: Sacramento Kings at Philadelphia 76ers

    NBA Rumors: Oklahoma City Thunder Call For Rudy Gay Trade; Russell Westbrook, Steven Adams Campaign for Kings Star

    The announcement of a Rudy Gay exit from the Sacramento Kings confirmed the suspicions of problems plaguing the franchise. With the statement of the All-Star on his plans once he hits free agency, other NBA teams are now scrambling to look into a potential deal for a trade. Among the teams said to be reviewing a Rudy Gay trade option is the Oklahoma City Thunder with Russell Westbrook anticipated to take the lead in recruitment.
  • NBA: Miami Heat at Dallas Mavericks

    NBA Rumors: Toronto Raptors Confirm Chris Bosh Comeback; DeMar Derozan, Kyle Lowry Gear Up for Vet Star

    The Toronto Raptors are looking at a bright future in the Eastern Conference this season. Despite the entry of Dwyane Wade to the Chicago Bulls to join forces with Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo, the DeMar DeRozan squad remains as the favorite to challenge the supremacy of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Hence, it comes as no surprise that the Kyle Lowry team is said to be adding a big name in their lineup this season - one who is familiar to LeBron James himself.
  • Jahlil Okafor

    NBA Rumors: Sacramento Kings Sign Jahlil Okafor Trade; Rudy Gay, Ben McLemore Excited for Young C

    The Sacramento Kings are expected to lose DeMarcus Cousins soon and the Rudy Gay squad is making sure they are not left with nothing after his exit. Hence, it comes as no surprise that the Ben McLemore team is looking into partnering with an NBA team that can offer them a player as promising as the Olympic gold medalist. In their search for this ideal trade partner, the Sacramento Kings seem to have found what they are looking for in the Philadelphia 76ers roster.
  • DeMarcus Cousins

    NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant Calls For DeMarcus Cousins Trade; Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson Reject C

    The Golden State Warriors are pegged as the team to beat next season despite losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the recent NBA championship series. As LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love work to become a better team, the Western Conference saw the emergence of a super team in Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. However, it looks like the Dub Nation has no intention of stopping there as the former Oklahoma City Thunder recruit now looks into adding fellow Team USA champion DeMarcus Cousins in their roster.
  • NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Houston Rockets

    NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls Seal Blake Griffin trade; Jimmy Butler, Dwyane Wade Train with Clippers Star

    Blake Griffin appears to be determined to redeem himself this NBA season, but it seems that the Los Angeles Clippers fans and front office do not share the same feeling. Weeks before the regular season starts, trade talks involving the number one pick remain as the primary topics in discussions. Amid all the basketball teams looking into signing him, the Chicago Bulls are identified as the best fit.
  • NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Carolina Panthers

    NFL Rumors: Carolina Panthers Give In To Michael Vick Contract; Cam Newton Gets Veteran Backup

    The Carolina Panthers are looking to redeem themselves after their foiled Super Bowl attempt last NFL season with Cam Newton pegged as an MVP contender as early as now. However, the Kelvin Benjamin squad still remains wary of the possibility of losing their leader - a risk they already took in the past seasons when the quarterback had been sidelined and only managed a few games. Hence, it comes as no surprise that a Michael Vick contract is anticipated to be in the works.
  • JR Smith

    NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Consider JR Smith Contract; Hassan Whiteside, Goran Dragic Form New Big 3

    The Miami Heat looks to be closing in on LeBron James' territory as a JR Smith contract is said to be in the works for the Hassan Whiteside squad. With the Cleveland Cavaliers still dealing with the negotiations to re-sign the former New York Knicks star, Pat Riley seems to be swooping in to offer a lucrative deal. Without Dwyane Wade and possibly Chris Bosh in the roster, the Miami Heat are looking for a third man to complete their new set of Big Three.
  • Chris Bosh

    NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Work In Chris Bosh Minimum Deal; LeBron James, Kyrie Irving Welcome PF

    The Cleveland Cavaliers may not have been as active as the Golden State Warriors in the free agency market, but LeBron James and his team seem to be looking into a blockbuster trade this offseason. With the Miami Heat still uncertain with the future of Chris Bosh, it looks like Hassan Whiteside is set to lose the last member of the Big Three following the departure of Dwyane Wade to the Chicago Bulls. To ensure a back-to-back championship, the Kyrie Irving team appears to be bent on recruiting only the best stars in the league.
  • Iman Shumpert

    NBA Rumors: New York Knicks Announce Iman Shumpert Trade Talks; Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose Open to SG

    The New York Knicks are focused on two things this season: winning and redemption. The Carmelo Anthony team has been aiming to land a playoffs spot for years now, but it looks like this season could just be their best chance to achieve it. With Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah from the Chicago Bulls signed to work alongside the Kristaps Porzingis lineup, the optimism is high in the roster. Moreover, a new franchise star could sign with the team soon - one who can bring a championship attitude to the bunch.
  • Karl-Anthony Towns

    NBA Rumors: San Antonio Spurs Offer Karl-Anthony Towns deal; Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge Want Timberwolves Star

    The San Antonio Spurs are in danger of going further in the rankings this season especially after the Tim Duncan retirement announcement. With the super team of Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green in the Golden State Warriors, it's time for the Gregg Popovich squad to up the ante to remain dominant in the Western Conference. Hence, the team is anticipated to add Karl-Anthony Towns to the lineup of Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge and Danny Green.
  • NFL: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

    NFL Trade Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Swap Dak Prescott for Paxton Lynch; Peyton Manning Want Young QB To Replace Trevor Siemian

    The Dallas Cowboys are testing the leadership skills of Dak Prescott as he carries the NFL team this season while Tony Romo recovers from injuries. However, his performance against the New York Giants found him falling short the expectations especially with Eli Manning leading the other team. Meanwhile, Paxton Lynch is still looking for his place in the Denver Broncos roster. Looking at both teams, a Dak Prescott trade for Paxton Lynch could be in the works.
  • NFL: Cleveland Browns at Philadelphia Eagles

    NFL Rumors: Philadelphia Eagles Sign Johnny Manziel as Carson Wentz Backup; Sam Bradford Mocks QB Moves

    The momentous victory and performance of Carson Wentz over the Cleveland Browns earlier this week gave the Philadelphia Eagles the confidence that this NFL season might not go to waste after all. However, it looks like Doug Pederson is not taking any chances to ruin the momentum of the football team. Hence, a Johnny Manziel contract is said to be in the works in an effort to provide a veteran backup for the rookie.
  • NFL: Cleveland Browns at Philadelphia Eagles

    NFL Rumors: Cleveland Browns Fear RG3 Early Exit; Colin Kaepernick Trade in The Works

    The Cleveland Browns cannot seem to catch a break in their quarterback choices. In the previous NFL season, they had their hands full with Johnny Manziel and his issues off the gridiron. Armed with optimism in the offseason, the team later on signed Robert Griffin III and named him starting quarterback. However, it looks like the Cleveland Browns might have to splurge again for the same post as a Colin Kaepernick trade is expected to be the solution to their injury problems.
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