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  • Nokia Office

    Apple and Nokia's On-Going Legal Dispute Over Patents Expands Across 11 Countries

    Apple has other legal dispute to deal with other than the $14.4 billion in taxes that the European Union is demanding. The American tech giant filed a case on Tuesday against the Acacia Research and Conversant Intellectual Property Management for conspiring with Nokia in raising patent prices. Nokia immediately retaliated by filing complaints across 11 countries against Apple for violating 40 of its patents.
  • Front view of Uber's Autonomous Self Driving Car in Pittsburgh

    Uber Says Goodbye To California, Moves To Arizona to Test Self-Driving Cars

    Uber had chosen to move its self-driving cars from the public roads of California to Arizona. This comes after the ride-hailing company was warned by California regulators to stop testing its autonomous vehicles. The office of California’s Attorney General even sent a letter to Uber. The company initially refused to “immediately” remove its self-driving cars.
  • 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

    MacBook Pros Battery Life Problems Cost Lack of Recommendation from Consumer Reports

    The review of Consumer Reports on Apple’s new MacBook Pros has just been released. Unfortunately, the battery woe of the latest Apple laptops has cost the lack of a recommendation from the non-profit organization. The Consumer Reports is not the only that has taken noticed of the MacBook Pros’ battery problem. In fact, a lot of users have also expressed the same thing.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    T-Mobile Promo: Buy A Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, Get A Second One For Free

    There are only a few days before Christmas. T-Mobile has announced a great Samsung smartphone promo just in time for the holiday season. The US carrier has rolled out a buy one, get one free deal on select Samsung phones that include its latest flagship devices Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. You might want to grab it immediately. The promo is only available for a limited time.
  • social networking site logos

    Facebook, Google, Twitter Sued by Families of Three Orlando Shooting Victims

    Facebook, Google, and Twitter are facing a federal civil suit filed against them by the families of three Orlando shooting victims. The said tech companies are accused of providing “material support” to the Islamic State. Furthermore, the social media platforms become the means for the terrorist group to radicalize people around the world like the Orlando gay nightclub shooter Omar Mateen.
  • WhatsApp logo

    Facebook May Pay A Hefty Fine For Allegedly Breaching EU's Merger-Procedure Rules

    Facebook is currently on the European Union’s bad side. The European Commission just accused the tech company of breaching EU’s merger procedure rules. Apparently, Facebook might have given “incorrect or misleading information” when its acquisition of WhatsApp was being investigated back in 2014. If found out to be true, the company has to pay up to one percent of its worldwide revenue.
  • Google Headquarters

    Google Faces A Lawsuit From An Employee For Its Confidentiality Policies

    Google is currently facing another lawsuit from one of its employees. The complaint filed in California Superior Court in San Francisco alleged the tech company of violating California labor laws. The plaintiff only named as John Doe accused Google of having “illegal confidentiality policies”.
  • Huawei Nexus 6P

    Huawei Blames Android Nougat Update For Nexus 6P's Battery Issue

    Some owners of Nexus 6P have reported that their phones have been powering down. Apparently, the problem occurs when the battery life still has around 15 to 40 percent left. Huawei has already been informed of this issue by some users. However, the smartphone maker puts the blame on Google's Android Nougat update.
  • LG G5

    LG G6 Release Date, Specs, and Price: Rumors Point to 2017 MWC

    After the underwhelming public reception of the LG G5, the company will be releasing a new flagship device next year. The LG G6 is rumored to be released either March or April, probably the same month as Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8. It might cost slightly more than its predecessor since it will have several new features. If the reports are also true, LG might have learned from the commercial failure of the LG G5.
  • Close up of Uber's Self Driving Car in Pittsburgh on River Blvd

    Uber Still Refuses to Follow California's Order To Stop Testing Self-Driving Cars

    Uber refuses to follow orders to stop its self-driving vehicle tests on the public roads of San Francisco. This is even after California’s Attorney General had sent a letter to the popular ride-hailing company last Friday. Uber was asked to first apply for permit from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Otherwise, it cannot continue to test its cars.
  • SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk

    Elon Musk Plans To Add A Boring Company To His Credentials

    Elon Musk is probably one of the most ambitious persons out there. The recently named most admired tech leader has SpaceX, Tesla and SolarCity under his belt. He has goals that spans from building fully autonomous cars to a Mars colony. One day, he was stuck in a traffic and got frustrated. Another idea sprung out of his mind. Musk said in a tweet that he might be starting a tunneling boring company.
  • NES Classic Edition

    NES Classic Edition In Stock at Target, GameStop, Best Buy

    Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition console has been selling so well. However, the company seemed to be unprepared of the demand for their new product. There are still a number of people who are yet to purchase the mini NES. It does not help that most retailers have run out of stock. The NES Classic Edition is bought as soon as it hit the shelves. Fortunately, Target, GameStop, and Best Buy are restocking though limited quantities are available.
  • NES Classic Edition

    Where to Buy NES Classic Edition: Best Buy, Target, Amazon

    A number of people are still scrambling to get a hold of the Nintendo's NES Classic Edition console. It is still a few days before Christmas and purchasing one seems to be elusive for some. However, last-minute shoppers will have another chance to buy the in-demand mini NES at Best Buy, Target, and Amazon.
  • Apple Logo -- 801 West North Avenue Chicago (IL) 2015

    Apple Follows Ireland Lead To Appeal EU's Ruling That Demands $14 Billion In Tax

    Ireland’s Minister for Finance Michael Noonan revealed back on November that the country plans to file an appeal to the European Court of Justice. Now, the Irish Department of Finance has announced that it will indeed appeal the European Union’s ruling that demands Apple to pay $14 billion in taxes to Ireland. A senior executive for Apple disclosed that the tech company will also appeal this week.
  • Apple AirPods

    Pre-ordered Apple AirPods Are Set To Arrive On Dec. 21

    Apple’s long-awaited AirPods went up for sale on the company’s website on Dec. 13. Those who were able to place their orders earlier than others have now received emails from Apple. Apparently, the tech giant has sent confirmation that the AirPods had already been shipped. Customers should expect their new wireless headphone to arrive by Dec. 21.
  • Super Mario Run

    Beware Of Super Mario Run Clones On Google Play Store

    Nintendo’s Super Mario Run game app is already available for iOS users. On the other hand, Android device owners are left wondering when it will be released on Google Play Store. Unfortunately, Nintendo did not offer a specific date. So, it’s not entirely surprising that some game developers have already made Super Mario Run clones for Android.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    iPhone 8 OLED Model Will Feature A Curved Display, Samsung Display To Supply Plastic OLED

    There have been rumors that Apple plans to start using OLED display on its iPhone. The tech company has always been using LCD display but that is about to change with the upcoming iPhone 8 next year. Based on a recent report, Apple has already ordered plastic OLED from its famous rival Samsung. Furthermore, the OLED iPhone 8 models will feature curved panels akin to the Galaxy S7 Edge.
  • Vine And Other Social Media Apps

    Vine Lives On As A New Vine Camera App

    A lot of fans were devastated back in October when Twitter announced that it is going to completely kill off Vine. In fact, Vine trended on Twitter and many had expressed their grief through social media platforms. Now, Vine will apparently live on as the new Vine Camera app. The toned-down version of the beloved app will be available to use in January.
  • Samsung logo

    Internal Probe on Galaxy Note 7 Is Said To Have Been Finished, Samsung Tightens Security amid Leak of Galaxy S8 Prototype

    Samsung is expected to release the result of their investigation on the Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion before the end of the year. In a recent report, the Korean-based company has apparently finished their internal probe. However, they does not seem to be ready to reveal it yet to the public. In addition, the tech giant is said to be tightening its security amid data breach and prototype leak of the upcoming Galaxy S8.
  • Best Buy Store Sign 6/2014 Meriden CT

    NES Classic Edition Goes on Sale on Dec. 20 on a First-Come, First-Served Basis

    If there’s one gift that seems elusive this Christmas season, it would be the NES Classic Edition console. It’s an in-demand product that doesn’t stay too long in a store’s shelf. Furthermore, there is not enough stock rolled out to retail stores. But Best Buy just announced that more than 1,000 of its Big Box stores will be selling the Nintendo console on Dec. 20.
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