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  • Christmas Gift Ideas

    Christmas Gift Ideas For Her 2016

    There are many available market that caters to the needs and wants of women. Still, the presents that most of the women receive get piled in the unused items that are not needed. This holiday season retail and online stores offer a variety of special bundles and sale items that your lady friend secretly want to have.
  • Christmas

    Christmas Gift Ideas For Him 2016

    Beat the holiday rush at retail and online stores by purchasing Christmas gift items to give as presents to that special guy friend as early as today. Most of the in demand items that are often offered sale and in bundle are now disappearing fast in stores. Several online stores are offering unique and personalized gift items for men, like golf sets and mini whiskey barrels. Others offer the best sports experiences that men would love to try, like maneuvering a helicopter on ragged cliffs.
  • Creative Christmas Gift Ideas

    Christmas Gift Ideas For Husband, Father-in-Law, Son, Boyfriend

    The typical Christmas gift ideas for husband, father-in-law, son, or boyfriend are known to be tech gadgets, sports gears, and car stuff. Aside from looking into these categories, there are a ton of exceptional things available for them in the market that are offered with the best rates and prices. Be unique with this holiday present to show appreciation for them this past year.
  • Christmas

    Christmas Gift Ideas for Wife, Mother-in-Law, Daughter, Girlfriend

    Christmas is just around the corner and seeing the smiles from the women of our life upon receiving their gifts is present in itself for the ones who give them. Putting so much thought in deciding what to give for our wife, mother-in-law, daughter, and girlfriend can be very time-consuming. Fortunately, most of the branded names and products that they love are on sale for the Christmas season.
  • Pope Francis

    Pope Francis Pleads President Assad to Stop Bombing in Aleppo

    Pope Francis appealed again to stop the endless loss of innocent lives in Aleppo through a letter sent to President Bashar al-Assad. The message from the Pope was given by new cardinal Archbishop Mario Zenari, apostolic nuncio to Syria, to the president of Syria which contained the Pope's desire for the civilians to be protected and the civil war to be stopped.
  • Megachurches

    Some Churches to Not Hold Services for Christmas Sunday

    Christmas day for this year will be celebrated on Sunday. This leads to some of the churches asking whether they would hold services for December 25 since most of the people will celebrate Christmas with their families. Most of them, however, were looking into adjusting the services schedules to make up for the celebration of Christmas.
  • Youtube star PewDiePie

    PewDiePie Deletes His Youtube Channel After Gaining 50 Million Subscribers

    PewDiePie managed to pull out a prank to everyone when he announced that he will be deleting his YouTube Channel when it reached 50 million subscribers. He stirred a buzz in YouTube when he posted a video entitled "Deleting my channel" declaring his woes because of YouTube's current clickbait scheme and his plan to delete his channel as his subscribers now reached 50 million.
  • Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling

    'La La Land' Shatters Records Despite Release in Just Five Theaters

    Lionsgate's musical film "La La Land" grossed around $855,000 in just five theaters located at New York and Los Angeles. Despite its limited release, the musical acquired record- breaking figures on its debut in December 9. It averages $171,000 in each of the five cinemas. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone's stellar performance and chemistry hooked the people to keep the cinemas packed and line full.
  • Moana

    Disney’s 'Moana' Remains No.1 at Box Office

    Disney's "Moana" now accumulated a total of $145 million in US alone since its premiers in Thanksgiving. The Polynesian-inspired animated film is now on its third week topping the Box Office. With its domestic gross income, Disney yet add another top charting film aside from "Finding Dory," which grossed $468 million, and "Civil War," which grossed $408 million.
  • Coptic Christians

    Sisi Holds Three Days Mourning for the 24 Coptic Christians Killed in Suicide Bombing

    Egyptian president Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi announced three days of mourning for the 24 Coptic Christians killed in a bombing of a Cairo chapel near St. Mark's Cathedral. Sisi informed details about the suicide bomber in a state funeral after the correction of Health Ministry's records on the killed victims. The previous report of 25 victims was changed to 24 after recognizing the 25th body as that of the suicide bomber.
  • Game of Thrones

    UFC Fighter Connor McGregor Secures a Role in 'Game of Thrones'

    Connor McGregor recently shoot scenes for the internationally acclaimed series "Game of Thrones". Dana White confirmed the news in Fox Live and stated that she knew the franchise is interested in putting him in the show. McGregor's character could take on several strong figures in the series like the "Mountain". Details about his role is still kept in secret.
  • 'The Walking Dead' Season 7

    Josh McDermitt Previews ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Midseason Finale

    Josh McDermitt reveals several details about the mid season finale of season 7. His character, Eugene, will face a tight spot between Rosita's crazy plan to kill Negan. He stalled her plan as long as possible to prevent any complications. Other characters are speculated to be killed, like Judith and Carl.
  • youversion11.jpg

    YouVersion Bible App Hits 250 Million Downloads

    YouVersion app hits its 250 millionth download. Its development to a variety of languages that are presented from around the globe helps the app gain recognition. The user can read, listen, watch, and share Bible verses from the app. The most popular verse is Romans 8:28.
  • ISIS

    How 226 Christians Were Freed By ISIS Because of One Bishop

    Bishop Mar Afram Athneil of Assyria was having secret negotiations with the terrorist group ISIS in order for them to free their captives by issuing a ransom. The bishop claimed donations from around the globe to give $50,000 worth of money for every captive Assyrian Christian which accumulates to 226 persons.
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