Reporter : Sharon Chan
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    June 4: ‘Forgiveness is a Two-Way Street,' Says Hong Kong Evangelical Leader

    In 1989, the “June 4th” pro-democracy massacre broke out in Beijing, which left profoundly vivid images in Hong Kong residents. The students’ silent sittings, slogans, hunger strikes, tanks, banners, plazas at night, the sounds of gunfire and mourning, crying, and bloodshed…many family members of victims still suffer from the wounds that have not healed.
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    China Rekindles the Marriage Culture; City of Chungshan Organizes the First ‘’Festival of Husbands and Wives’’

    In a time of widespread attacks against marriage laws, the "one man one woman", "one husband one wife", or "one life together forever" marriage values are gradually losing their influence. However, there has been a recent rekindling of a chastise marriage culture in the mainland, and the city of Guangdong Chungshan is hosting a "Festival of Husbands and Wives" on October 6th, to raise awareness to the sacred relationship of marriage, and to save the deteriorating marriage culture.
  • Jubilee Ministries Hong Kong Director Shares Insights to Becoming an Influential Community Church

    With the mission to serve the grassroots and to transform the community, Jubilee Ministries Hong Kong recently shared the method on how to become an influential community church. Dr. Agnes Liu, who has founded numerous ministries that are dedicated to serving those in the grassroots levels, pointed out that many churches turn a blind eye to what’s going on in their surrounding community, only thinking about how to take advantage of the situation, and lacks any kind of sense of responsibility.
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    Hong Kong Christian Churches Prays Sorrowfully for Japan

    Christian churches in Hong Kong held a joint prayer meeting for the Japan earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster that has unfolded since March 11. Crowds consisting of church pastors, ministry co-workers, and believers in Hong Kong filled the sanctuary, where many had to watch live broadcasts from separate chapels and classrooms. While they were filled with sorrow, they together sang hymns and prayed, proclaiming that God is still in control and praying for the entire Japan, disaster relief efforts, victims, and Christians in Japan.
  • Stephen Tong to Hold Seminars on Winning Pre-Marital Love and Sex

    Chinese-Indonesian evangelist Stephen Tong will be leading a marathon style seminars on the secrets of winning over pre-marital love and sex in Kaohsiung beginning February 10 and the Hong Kong Exhibition Hall on May 15. This topic reflects the trend of youth today in their interests and understanding towards love and sex.
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    Patrick Yuen: Four Virtues for Success in Professional Careers

    Most Christians are saints living in municipal wells; they are neither clergies nor ministers, but live with the identity as Christians. In recent years, the Chinese churches have raised the awareness of this reality and are focusing more on ministering to believers in the professional fields. How can believers stop being “Sunday Christians” but live out the callings of a Christian in their daily lives and show their faith in the career places?
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    Donald Tsang: Face Difficulties in Life With Strong Will and Proper Values

    Mr. Donald Tsang, chief executive of Hong Kong S.A.R., encouraged the people of Hong Kong to face the rise and fall and challenges in life with strong determination and the proper set of values. Commenting on the Manila bus hijacking incident, Tsang said through the event the ugliness of human nature was revealed, where in just one off thought eight lives were claimed and families destroyed.
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    Three Misunderstandings of Chinese Culture on “Blessed are the Peacemakers”

    During the 4th Chung Chi College Christian Festival held in late March, Dr. He Guan-hu, professor at Remin University of China, explained the three major misunderstandings that Chinese culture and Chinese people have towards the well-known phrase found in the Sermon on the Mount: “Blessed are the peacemakers.”