Reporter : Tian Wei
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    Ma Ying-Jeou was Baptized at 8 Years Old, Claims Taiwan President's Friend

    Ma Ying-jeou, the President of Taiwan, led a team to the Vatican City to attend the inauguration ceremony of the Franciscan Pope. He frankly admitted his connections with the Catholic Church on his Facebook page, and expressed his pleasant sentiments towards his childhood life at Church in between the lines.
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    MIT Research: China's Sina Microblogging Deletes Posts at ''Appalling Rate''

    A US survey uncovered the deletion of “appalling data” by China’s Sina microblogging, where 30% of microblogged data were deleted within 30 minutes of posting, which was near Godspeed. This reflected the fear of authorities to the freedom of speech, and their control over speech had been criticized by netizens.
  • Hundreds of Korean Missionaries in China Face Deportation by Authorities

    In the past few years, the Chinese government has exerted pressure on the foreign missionaries evangelizing in China. According to the Christian Human Rights Organization, there are only some 200 Korean missionaries who remain in China, and who are currently in preparation to leave China under pressure from the local authorities.
  • Chinese Pastor Defends Beijing Watchtower Church's Outdoor Services

    In recent days, Beijing Watchtower Church held their Sunday service outdoor due to pressures received from the local authorities, which aroused some criticisms on their methods; Rev. Liu Tong Su, who has been keeping a close watch on the house church development in China, wrote an article in response.