Reporter : Wei Quan
  • Chinese Pastors in America Denounce Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Rulings

    The Federal Supreme Court’s two rulings in support of same-sex marriage received harsh criticisms from American Chinese Pastors such as Pastor Yuan Zhi-ming and Pastor Feng Wei. Many Southern Californian Chinese Churches have held joint fasting prayer events to ask for God’s mercy towards the rebellious America, and to encourage America to repent and return to God.
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    Asian King of Pop Jay Chou Confirms His Recent Baptism in Taiwan

    Asian king of pop Jay Chou recently confirmed his baptism into Christian faith in an interview with Taiwanese press. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan, who is also a celebrity, got into a car accident on the 17th, which became Chou’s first urgent prayer topic.
  • A Look at Chai Ling's Theory of Forgiveness from a Biblical Perspective in Christianity

    Disregarding political and personal elements, how should a Christian view Chai Ling’s theory of forgiveness in the June 4th massacre event based on the Bible? Is the forgiveness described in the Bible unconditional (such as in the case of Chai Ling) or with conditions (such as in the case promoted by pro-democracy Christians and those with previous background involvement in the June 4th event)? Besides, will the endorsement of unconditional forgiveness then undermine the fairness and justice of God?
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    Morley Lee Calls on All Chinese Churches to Work Hard Together in Spreading the Gospel

    Pastor Morley Lee, former General Secretary for the Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism (CCCOWE), mentioned at the eighth CCCOWE conference in Indonesia that despite his stepping down from the leadership position last September, he will continue to travel to different places to preach the Gospel. He has recently shared his expectations and encouragements towards the global Chinese churches at the LOGOS Evangelical Seminary in Los Angeles.
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    Asian Superstar Jay Chou Decides to Get Baptized Later This Year

    Pastor Li-Hui Hong (洪麗慧) from Taiwan’s New Life Church revealed to local media today that Asian Superstar Jay Chou, who through the influence of his girlfriend Kun-Ling (昆凌), has decided to get baptized later this year to officially become a Christian.
  • A Chinese Pastor’s Analysis on Publicizing and Legalization of China’s House Church

    With the rapid growth of China’s house church (especially so for the newly emerged city house churches) in recent years, the topic of China’s house church’s legalization and publicizing has been widely discussed among the overseas Chinese churches and religious scholars. Some thinks that house churches should actively press the government for recognition, while others believe that a more conservative approach would better suit the current situation.