Reporter : Zoe Chan
  • Cloud-based Charity Yuanyi Network Launches Christmas Express Delivery to Tai-tung

    The Yuan-yi network ( held a press conference on the evening of the 28thin preparation for the "Cloud-based Love Feast - Christmas express delivery to Tai-tung" that happens on December 12-24. The press conference was broadcasted live in the northern California Bay area and in the Taiwan Tai-tung area, and invited sponsors and volunteers to share their experiences.
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    Birth of Cloud-Based Charitable Social Network Yuan-Yi Network on Christmas

    The Yuan-yi network ( is the first North American charitable network Cloud, and is also a worldwide Cloud-based charity platform. It crosses religious, political, national, and regional boundaries in hopes of gathering every bit of kindness and turning it into actions, spreading it to every corner of the world.
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    Interview: Author of Stanford's 'Pawn' the Musical and her Mother Win Crowds for Christ Through Arts

    The musical "Pawn", written by a 4th-year Chinese student at Stanford University and performed by Stanford University students, has received numerous accolades. They have also performed this musical on many stages in the world. Some are moved by the dedication and sincerity of the performers, while others are touched by the plot and twists of the story, and still others awe at the creative talent of Karmia Chan Cao.