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    Billy Graham Team Assists Calif. Fire Victims

    A Billy Graham Rapid Response Team of crisis-trained chaplains was deployed this week to Southern California where “mega” blazes of fire have destroyed more than 800 homes and thousands of acres of land in the last few days.
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    Pakistani Quake Leaves 150 Dead, 15,000 Homeless

    QUETTA, Pakistan – A strong earthquake struck before dawn Wednesday in southwestern Pakistan, killing at least 150 people, injuring scores more and leaving an estimated 15,000 homeless, officials said.
  • 512SichuanEarthquake.jpg

    The Wall Street Journal: China Working Diligently to Address Post-earthquake Traumas

    Since the 7.8 Richter-scale Sichuan earthquake took place on May 12th, the victim’s traumas are beginning to surface after weeks of denial. Addressing this issue, The Wall Street Journal recently published an article titled China Working Diligently to Address Post-quake Traumas, pointing out that almost everyone believes that the earthquake has left a deep mental trauma for the victims.
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    Hurricane Gustav Charges Toward Gulf Coast

    NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Hurricane Gustav charged toward the largely deserted coast of Louisiana early Monday morning and seemed destined to make landfall west of a city still recovering three years after Katrina's devastating blow.
  • sichuan2.jpg

    CCHC Reported Progress of Sichuan Disaster Relief Efforts

    NEW YORK – Chinese Christian Herald Crusade Headquarter in New York held a press conference last Sat. to announce the latest develop of the Sichuan disaster relief efforts and the way that the funds were distributed and urged all to continue to support CCHC Sichuan Long-term reconstruction plan.
  • US Secretary of State visiting Sichuan.bmp

    Rice Praises Christian Groups in China Quake Response

    U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice praised the self-sacrifice and relief efforts of Christian charitable organizations in China Sunday while surveying disaster struck areas throughout Sichuan province as part of a greater goodwill tour with Chinese officials.
  • soc_20080616_vision.jpg

    World Vision to Raise 27 Billion HKD for Sichuan

    Since the 7.9-magnitude quake struck Sichuan just little over a month ago, World Vision, Christian humanitarian organization, has setup the goal of raising 27 billion HKD to cover the cost for disaster-relief and reconstruction for the disaster zones in Sichuan, Gansu, and Shaanxi, and has been engaged in full scale disaster-relief work. Approximately 1 million people will benefit from this humanitarian aid.
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    China Struggles to Shelter 5 Million Homeless

    AN XIAN, China (AP) - Schools slowly opened Wednesday in some of China's newly formed tent cities, where the government is struggling to shelter many of the 5 million people left homeless in last week's earthquake.
  • intl_32363_3.jpg

    Deadly China Quake Triggers Rapid Responses, Calls for Prayer

    As the aftermath of China’s deadliest earthquake in over three decades continues to bring widespread havoc, chaos, and panic, Christians around the world are rushing to scene with aid, supplies, and global appeals for prayer and reflection during these increasingly uncertain times.
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    Christians Respond Promptly to China Earthquake

    The world watched in horror Monday as a jolting 7.9 magnitude earthquake – the latest in a series of global natural disasters – wreaked havoc across China’s southwestern Sichuan province.
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    Famine 30 concluded successfully with participants leaving behind heroes footprints

    Over 3,600 participants gathered at Aberdeen Sports Ground on a raining day to attend the opening ceremony of ‘Famine 30’ on Apr. 19. The next day, close to 3,000 participants gathered again at the Aberdeen Sports Ground on a cool weather, and beginning at 10am, they began their 30 hours of fasting just to experience the sufferings of the children living in the impoverished areas of the world.
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    Salvation Army: Needs of Kenyan Refugees Still Great

    Media interest may have waned but the needs facing many of the Kenyan refugees who fled to Uganda to escape post-election violence are still great, according to The Salvation Army’s International Emergency Services team.
  • ngo_31069_3.jpg

    NFL Donates Super Bowl Loser's Gear to Poor Kids

    The New England Patriots are surely disappointed about their last-minute and unexpected defeat Sunday, but around the world poor children will benefit from the Patriots’ loss as they sport their never-to-be-sold championship apparel.
  • Christian Groups Reinforce Wildfire Ground Aid

    More than half of the wildfires that ravaged Southern California this past week were squelched Thursday evening, leaving room for more attention to be diverted toward reconstructing homes and lives of victims of the massive blaze.
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