Dexter Season 8 Finale Episode 12 Live Streaming Free: Watch ‘Remember the Monsters?’ Online, Spoilers, Previews (Video)

Sep 22, 2013 05:54 PM EDT

Dexter season 8 finale episode 12 "Remember the Monsters" spoilers and previews have left many viewers wondering if Dexter will finally find temporary solace in human happiness. It is premiering Sunday night at 9 ET/PT on Showtime. Showtime does not offer a free stream to the public, but it will be available through OnDemand to subscribers beginning on Monday. 

In Dexter episode 11 "Monkey in a Box," Dexter removes all of the evidence pointing to his relationship with Vogel before calling the police. Elway and Clayton suspect that Debra is harboring Hannah. Saxon offers Dexter a deal that the two will leave each other alone; Dexter agrees, but secretly plans to kill him before leaving. With a hurricane approaching Miami, Hannah goes to the airport to wait for Dexter, but she is followed by Elway. Meanwhile, Dexter captures Saxon, but realizes that he no longer has murderous urges thanks to his relationship with Hannah. Instead of killing Saxon, Dexter calls Debra to arrest him, but Clayton tails Debra and unknowingly interferes. Saxon kills Clayton and escapes after shooting Debra.

As "Dexter" wraps up in episode 12, the lead character is trying to leave the country with his soul mate, Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski), and young son, Harrison. The official synopsis released by Showtime says Dexter faces impossible odds." While he must tangle with one final enemy, a hurricane is about to impact Miami. Despite the gruesome framework and outcome, "Dexter" continues to capture the audiences' following with its emotional theme for the search of real, human happiness.

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In the fourth season finale, Dexter arrived home to find his wife, Rita (Julie Benz), dead in a bathtub filled with blood, and his baby son crying next to her body. Will Dexter finally be able to find the solace that he is longing for? Tonight's season 8 finale will either disappoint or make your longing for more.

Next week, Showtime will replace Dexter with Emmy-winning show Homeland for its third season.

Here is a teaser trailer and two clips released of "Dexter" season 8 episode 12 "Remember the Monsters."  

"Dexter" season 8 episode 12 "Remember the Monsters" (Preview)

Dexter : Season 8: Episode 12 Clip - Storm's Coming

Dexter : Season 8: Episode 12 Clip - What I Deserve