The Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo Galavis Recap Video (Feb 17): Watch Online Season 18 Episode 7 Free, ABC Video

Feb 17, 2014 06:56 PM EST
Juan Pablo will have a group date with Andi Clare Renee and Chelsie  <br/>
Juan Pablo will have a group date with Andi, Clare, Renee and Chelsie.

The Bachelor 2014 with Juan Pablo Galavis returns to another episode Monday February 17 on ABC at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Last week, we saw Juan Pablo sent Cassandra home at the group date, then eliminated Kat at the Rose Ceremony.

After travelling to South Korea, New Zealand and Vietnam, Juan Pablo has a reunion with his daughter Camila, he also shares his feelings for one particular woman with his cousin. In episode 7, the six remaining ladies will be heading to his home: Miami. Tonight episode will feature two one-on-one dates for Sharleen and Nikki, and then a group date for Andi, Clare, Renee and Chelsie.

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Things are getting more competitive as Juan Pablo will have narrowed down his choice to 4 women tonight, he will send two bachelorettes home at the Rose Ceremony on Monday.

ABC describes the show as follows:

"An emotional group date with the other four women -- Andi, Chelsie, Clare and Renee - begins on a private island. One fortunate bachelorette, who gets the rose, also will get special alone time with Juan Pablo. Everyone else will be sent back to the hotel. Andi and Clare break down as they relate touching sentiments and stories. The lucky lady who does get the rose spends the remainder of the day and evening with the Bachelor, leaving three jealous, seething women. A magical night in Miami awaits the happy bachelorette, on "The Bachelor,"

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Will Juan Pablo find his future wife and a stepmother for his daughter? The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 PM ET/PT on ABC. You can watch the episode 7 online at If you cannot watch it tonight, make sure to go to ABC official website the next day and watch the entire episode for free.