Domestic Missions Report: Texas and Colorado

Nov 30, 2002 03:15 PM EST

Garland, Texas -- Today we welcome Thanksgiving with millions of Americans as they gather to celebrate and to share the grace God has showered upon them ever since the . However, this holiday may be a little different for some families because they're using it to share the Gospel. American Tract Society's Mark Brown says they've developed a new tract called "Thanksgiving in America". "It's written by David Barton and the tract has a wonderful cover of the family sitting down and enjoying a Thanksgiving meal, something that has inspired many, many people throughout the years. But, it leads into the importance of how Thanksgiving, as a tradition, came about. And then, David Barton does a wonderful job of expressing how George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln had told people that this is an inspiring time to be an American and be at home with your family. And, then it leads right into a great Gospel presentation as well." Pray that many will turn to Christ as a result.

Littleton, Colorado -- Pastors from China were in the United States recently encouraging American Christians to get involved in ministry in that country. Erik Burklin of China Partner hosted the pastors. Burklin said that the meeting was conducive to the pastors but also encouraging to American Christians. "I think Christians here were very encouraged. They always hear about how closed and sometimes that things aren't going so well with the advancement of the Gospel in China, and here they had case in point - some pastors sitting right there in front of them that were sharing with them what God is doing and allowing them to do as long as they're working legally and within the system. And, that was an eye opener for them and very encouraging for them to see." Burklin hopes the trip will encourage more Christians in United States to show more support for evangelism in China.

By Albert H. Lee
[email protected]