Why Refusing to Forgive Others Keeps Us in Satan's Grip

Satan wallows in sin, and he wants us to continue to see the black in the guilty person and be bound to them in hatred. Thus he still has us in his grip.

Why Does God Allow Pain?

It has been described as a searing of the soul, a rending of the heart. C. S. Lewis aptly called it a "problem." And yet the Bible says that there is no such thing as a Christian without it: Pain.
Fibonacci Blue, CC BY

What is the True Meaning of Mercy?

The world seems to be witnessing increasing levels of violence, fear and hatred that challenge us each day. There are ongoing debates about how or whether to welcome immigrants and refugees to the

What the Bible Says about Welcoming Refugees

For Christians, the questions about building the border wall or permitting immigrants and refugees into the United States involve a host of associated considerations not just about the specifics of