Water Bottle Spread Gospel in Olympics, Further Outreach Anticipated

( [email protected] ) Sep 01, 2004 02:31 AM EDT

In the heat of the Olympic games that is taking place in Greece presently, the event is providing an opportunity to introduce Christ to Greeks and speculators. AMG International along with other partner agencies and local believers began the quest called FLAME 2004 as a part of this outreach. We are distributing free cold water with a smile and a Christian testimony to the visitors of the Athens Olympics. We will be distributing more than 100,000 bottles of cold water, trying to reach out (to) people and welcome them (to) Athens and share the Gospel with them," says AMG’s Fotis Romeos.

On the bottles are tracts that encourage the participants to order Christian literature, a special Olympic edition of New Testament of JESUS video. Many were reported to express interest in these resources.

An outreach called Operation Gideon was taking place along with the Olympic event where 300 people went to 40 Greek islands after 3 days of fasting and praying. These people are now distributing the New Testaments and other Christian literature throughout Greece with the goal of visiting 150,000 homes.

Through this effort of using the Olympics to reach all Greeks with the Gospel, the local believers were reported to seem more sensitive and more willing to share their faith because of the event.