1001 Surprising Things - Book Review

Nov 16, 2002 03:00 AM EST

Jerry MacGregor and Marie Prys's new book, "1001 Surprising Things" is unlike the typical deep Scriptural reflection of the Bible. Instead, it is a small little book full of informational facts about the Word.

This 224-page book throws fun specifics, such as Fact No. 5: the Bible is the world's best-selling book as well as the world's most shoplifted book. Fact No.811: Professional mourners were called in times of sorrow to express mourning for the dead in Hebrew times, similar to the singers hired for current day funerals.

The reader is separated into three sections, the first, "How the Bible Came to Be" offers an overview of the Bible's origin. Next, "The Whole Story," provides facts and details of the writings, miracles, and prophets of the Old and New Testament. The third section, "Bile Times and Trivia" exposes cultural norms and ritual relating to each biblical era.

This easy-read is sure to enlighten and inform anyone interested in biblical facts.

By Pauline J.