Jars of Clay, New Album

Nov 14, 2002 03:00 AM EST

Jars of Clay, the multi-platinum, Grammy winning Christian band has released its newest album, "Furthermore From the Studio: From the Stage." This exclusive double-disc collection many of the band's greatest hits, featured live on the road, and live in the band's own home studio. Three preveiously-unreleased recordings are included as well. Known as one of the premier live acts in music today, Jars of Clay has been headlining their own tours while also partnering with performers such as Sting and Sheryl Crow. This album captures the artists at their best, while connecting with a live audience. Listed below is the CD's track listing.

Track Listing from the Studio:


"Something Beautiful"

"The Valley Song (Sing of Your Mercy)"


"The Eleventh Hour"



"Love Song for a Savior"


"Needful Hands"

"From The Stage"


"Like A Child"

"Crazy Times"

"I Need You"

"The Eleventh Hour"

"This Road"


"I'm Alright"



"Worlds Apart"

By Pauline Chang