Almost There

Nov 25, 2002 03:00 AM EST

A new modern worship album -- what makes this any different than the others? In my opinion, one song sets this CD apart from the rest. I Can Only Imagine, an incredible song of longing for Heaven, drove its lyrics straight to my heart and moved me beyond words. Apparently others agree, since the song has been nominated for Song of the Year at this year's Dove Awards.

Perhaps some of the emotion in this song comes from living through sorrow. Composer and lead singer, Bart Millard, tells of the loss of his father who lost his battle with cancer when Bart was a freshman in college. It was his desire for a new beginning after that experience that led him into music ministry. Having lost my own parents, I can identify with his deep desire to daydream about Heaven.

The other tracks on this CD all live up to what you would expect after falling in love with I Can Only Imagine. The sound is fresh, alternative, acoustic and passionate. I particularly like the songs How Great Is Your Love and In You. These songs are acoustic enough to please the mellowest listeners among us while adding just enough electric sound to keep it interesting. Bart Millard's vocals are smooth and easy to listen to.

By MercyMe