Gaddis & Roe of True Vibe return as 'Sojourn Fare'

( [email protected] ) Nov 06, 2003 09:57 AM EST

A “new” group enters the music scene as former True Vibe members Nathan Gaddis and Jordan Roe get together to form Sojourn Fare. It was only a year ago, three of the True Vibe members including Nathan Gaddis, Jordan Roe, and Jason Barton, departed from the group to pursue individual interests while founder Jonathan Lippmann remained as part of True Vibe.

"We basically hung out a few months just wondering what was going to happen," Gaddis says. "We didn’t know where we were going or really what we wanted to do. We had an idea of what we wanted to do. The more we waited the more God showed us what He wanted us to do."

After leaving True Vibe, the three were rumored to have signed a “demo” deal with Essential Records but plans changed when Jason Barton decided to pursue a difference direction. According to Gaddis, “Jason really felt called to move on to other things so we totally respected that and wish him the best at whatever he does. In fact, we are still extremely close to Jason -- we're neighbors."

Gaddis and Roe have now partnered up came up with the group name together have already released Sojourn Fare’s first song, “Fire From the Rain.” Gaddis expects their co-working to take them to a higher level of music, "Lyrically, we are trying to go to a place that we never really got to go to while we were in True Vibe. Now we're writing in a style that shows who we are and reveals more of our heart."

"We loved being in True Vibe and we had a great time doing it, but the music we are creating now is something that has grown up with us our entire lives," says Gaddis. "God definitely blessed that but its kind of time to get back to what we know and do the music that we love the most. It is real. It comes from a place that is vulnerable in us and wants people to know what our walk with the Lord is like... the amazing parts and also the struggles.”

All in all, Gladdis only hopes the two will continue following the calling of the Lord on their new path.

"We don't really want to fly in and fly out of people’s lives in two hours. Our ministry is time. It's listening to people. It's sharing with people. Not just doing shows. If a full record deal comes from this and new things start to happen, then that would be awesome. But if we need to continue on going to different youth groups and stuff and ministering that way, we know what we’re called to do. The opportunities, places, and doors that God opens up for us -- we’ll walk through those doors."

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