Contemporary Christian Musician's Survival Manual

Biblical Principles Applied to Common Issues Facing Contemporary Christian Musicians
( [email protected] ) Nov 07, 2003 04:12 PM EST

There are many books and seminars available today which can tell you how to be successful in the business aspects of being a Christian musician. Now there is a book that addresses how to be successful spiritually when dealing with the issues unique to being in Christian music.

I recently authored a book entitled Contemporary Christian Musician's Survival Manual: Biblical Principles Applied to Common Issues Facing Contemporary Christian Musicians. It speaks to these subjects in a practical and tangible way without degenerating into vague generalities or getting lost in the details. It's for the professional musician as well as those just considering performing Christian music. As the back cover says, it's a "guide for those in Contemporary Christian Music, or those who wish to be." The topics range from secular music, deciding whether you're ready to perform Christian music, choosing band members / leaders, authority structures, staying "in tune" spiritually both individually and as a group, to how to handle business issues (just to name a few).

Below is an excerpt from the book:

"It seems that every Christian musician has to 'recreate the wheel' concerning fundamental issues which are common to all of us. If you are a Christian and a musician, does that mean that God wants you playing Christian music somewhere? Should all music performed by Christians fall within the guidelines of 'ministry?' What responsibilities and priorities are appropriate for those who wish to minister through music? How do you deal with the inevitable artistic, ego, and authority issues within the guidelines of ministry? If we're successful, how do we juggle fame and money without corrupting or compromising our ministry? Is it even possible? Does the Bible say anything about it? These are some of the questions which I hope to address here."

While my book doesn't have all the answers (there is only one Book that does), it does provide a Biblical foundation for how to deal with both the everyday and conceptual issues of being a Christian musician. Anyone in Christian music (or considering being in it) should find it a helpful tool in establishing and maintaining an approach to performing Christian music that is not only pleasing to the ears but pleasing to God.