Margaret Becker wins first 'Light of the World' award

( [email protected] ) Nov 08, 2003 11:18 AM EST

Margaret Becker is the first recipient to receive the prestigious “Lumiere du Monde” award from the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe. Becker traveled to Brussels, Belgium to receive this prestigious award on Friday, October 24.

The “Lumiere du Monde” award will be presented periodically to an individual in the public eye who, informed by and grounded in the Christian faith, uses their talent, professional position or reputation, political or societal influence, artistic or creative skill, life experience, or moral authority to help make the world a better place for God’s children. Awardees are chosen solely on merit, regardless of denomination or nationality.

The award, which means “Light of the World” in English, based on the passage found in Matthew 5:14 when Jesus says to His followers, “You are the light of the world.” This award originated from a fellowship of EU diplomats, NATO personnel, executives, lawyers, students, homemakers, and retirees -- all Christians eager to impact their world outside of the church. They studied the late Bob Briner’s book Roaring Lambs together and challenged each other to be “lambs in the midst of wolves.”

Briner testified for Becker by once saying, “this extraordinary woman is must see, must hear, and a must read. Anyone who does not know her yet, ought to.”

Bishop Whalon, who presented Becker with her award in Europe, is the Bishop in Charge of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe. Whalon describes Becker “as an artist who takes precedence with spirituality in her music ministry in spite of working in such a market-driven industry” and a “lightning rod... that sings about Christ’s inclusive love and our need for repentance.”

Bishop Whalon praised Becker for her years of volunteer work as a spokesperson for World Vision that works to help Africa’s AIDS orphans and feed the world’s hungry, mobilizing thousands to end the injustice and indignity of substandard housing by donating proceeds from her concerts to Habitat For Humanity, and speaking out against apartheid in South Africa and the violence in Northern Ireland.

In Bishop Whalon’s words, “she has toured the world with the message of muscular Christianity.”

“To be recognized by this global faith community for what I deem to be the driving force behind all I do, was a lifetime highpoint,” said Becker. “This award is both empowering and humbling. I hope to spend the rest of my life upholding its meaning.”