Katheryn Perry/Katy Hudson Has New Music Video

( [email protected] ) Dec 20, 2003 12:14 PM EST

Katheryn Perry, formerly known as Katy Hudson, has a new music video for her first new song, “Diamond,” which an be viewed at her promotional site set up by Java Records (Island/Def Jam Records). There’s more where that came from. Hudson is currently in the studio with her producer, Glen Ballard, cooking up her yet-to-be-titled-next album to release next year in 2004.

Perry changed her name to avoid confusion with an actress by the name of Kate Hudson. Using her mother’s maiden name “Perry,” she pasted it with Katheryn to formulate a new stage name that is yet to take a foothold in the music industry.

Her new music video and look can be viewed at http://www.javarecords.com/katheryn/.