Luna Halo Signing with DreamWorks Sealed?

( [email protected] ) Jan 31, 2004 11:43 AM EST

Luna Halo is on the way to inking a deal with Dreamworks Records in a 'kind of like a wait-and-see deal," according to singer/guitarist Nathan Barlowe who started the band with guitarist Johnny MacIntosh, both from the disbanded Reality Check.

"We have also been opening shows lately for Dreamworks recording artist Ours," Barlowe said. "We will begin recording for Dreamworks later this month."

The band, also with bassist Brad Minor and drummer Jonathan Smith, has done their share of performing for worldwide audiences at festivals in places as remote as Holland, Germany, England, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Ireland.

"We have recently been invited to perform at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin," lead singer Barlowe said.

Luna Halo is currently on tour and will perform with Big Daddy's and Evoka on Jan. 21 in Florida.

"Luna Halo is a band that mixes raw emotion and energetic rock 'n' roll," Barlowe said. "Every show is a different experience for the audience."

Already with two four-song EP's and a full-length album, Shimmer, to their name, Luna Halo prepares for a new EP and upcoming new full-length album, which will have 4 brand new songs. The band will hit the studio in a few weeks with producer and Dreamworks recording artist Matt Mahaffee from the band Self.