Paul Colman Trio Says Good-bye Indefinitely

( [email protected] ) Feb 02, 2004 12:37 PM EST

Paul Colman Trio (PC3) joins the list of Christian bands who have disbanded due to family, financial, and personal reasons. Yesterday, the band announced that the PC3 break will be official on Feb. 21, 2004 or after the band's One Tour of Australia yet left the air open for the possibility of band members playing together sometime down the road.

"We've had a great time, but primarily due to financial and family considerations we cannot continue working together- at least at this stage," explains PC3 in a recent e-mail. "We are reluctant to call it a 'break-up' because we all love each other and do not want to close our minds to whatever opportunities may come up to work together in the future."

The band had recently finished peforming as part of the 2004 New Zealand's Parachute Festival, which took place Jan.23-26. The trio performed on the last day following an opening act from Newsboys.

Although the members will be in active as a recording and touring band, each willl still take on other musical opportunities. Both Paul Colman and Grant Norsworthy will be staying in Nashville. Colman who was the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist will be a solo artist whose live performances will now only feature Paul playing an acoustic guitar or with a backing band. Norsworthy, who played the bass, will pursue songwriting and bass playing opportunities. Phil Gaudion, who played the drums and percussion has returned to Australia to produce and engineer records.

Originated from Melbourne, Australia, in 1998, PC3 gives their gratitude to God for allowing them this experience.

"We are thankful to God for blessing three eager blokes from Melbourne, who simply wanted to make music that honoured Him and share it with as many people as possible. What an amazing, tough, joyful, exciting, rollercoaster ride we've had for the last five years. Thanks God!"