Jeremy Camp: Carried Me: The Worship Project

( [email protected] ) Feb 11, 2004 03:19 PM EST

BEC Recordings artist Jeremy Camp released his sophomore album, Carried Me: The Worship Project, on Feb.10, which follows the trend of Contemporary Christian Artists and even some country singers, such as Randy Travis, who are producing worship and praise records. Travis released Rise and Shine last year and recently won a Grammy Award for “Best Southern, Country or Bluegrass Gospel Album.”

My favorite is “I Surrender to You,” which sounds like the easiest praise song to sing on a large-crowd level. It sounds very fun to sing, actually.

His voice has extremely deep and works for many of the songs on the record. Sometimes, it can sound like a slow playback of a tape recording like on “Trust In You.” I think it’s from the overproduction of his songs. They sound like they have too much extra “stuff” in the music. I wouldn’t mind hearing Camp with just a raw, bare-boned piece singing to just an acoustic.

“You’re Worthy of My Praise” receives a new upbeat push by Camp’s vocals. What adds an extra zest to this release is the addition of vocals from his wife, Adrienne Camp, formerly of The Benjamin Gate. She sings on songs like “Beautiful One” and “Wonderful Maker,” balancing Camp’s bass-like voice.

Other songs on Camp’ s record will sound good to those who are fond of his style but nothing is new from his first release, Stay.

The tracks on the album include:

1. Trust In You

2. Beautiful One

3. Enough

4. Wonderful Maker

5. Hear My Voice

6. I Wait For The Lord

7. Empty Me

8. I Surrender To You

9. Walk By Faith

10. Revive Me

11. You're Worthy of My Praise

12. Longing Heart

13. Carried Me