CCM artists Review 'Passion' on Interactive Internet Program

( [email protected] ) Feb 13, 2004 12:47 PM EST

What a stellar line-up for Essentialtalk’s “Live and Interactive” program. It’s clear what the focus of the program, which is hosted by GMA president John W. Styll, is these days: The Passion of the Christ. Kicking off with Andrew Peterson’s testimony of the film, the program took off with Third Day on Feb.2, and Delirious? on Feb.9. On Thursday, Watermark’s Nathan and Christy Nockels joined the heat and passion surrounding the upcoming movie of Jesus’ last hours on earth.

After a viewing in Nashville, Christy wrote: “This movie changed our lives forever. The room was full of the sound of weeping and loud sobbing, including our own. I told Nathan on the way home that I only wish that I would have seen it as a young teen. It is extremely graphic, but through each scene my heart kept taking me back to Isaiah 53:5, ‘By His stripes we are healed.’”

James Caviezel, the actor who played the role of Jesus in The Passion, will talk on the show on Monday, Feb.16, 2004, at 2:30 PM EST.

Peterson commented, “It was just pretty amazing… blown away by the movie.”

After watching the movie, Peterson says that his understanding of the cross has been affected by the portrayal of Jesus in Mel Gibson’s The Passion. “The movie did change my life… You don’t leave the theater feeling this burden of guilt but you leave the theater feeling this burden of inexpressible thanksgiving.”

David Parr and Mac Powell of Third Day also shared their impressions of the film.

Regarding the concern of some that the movie may be too graphic for younger viewers, Parr replied, “There’s so much meaning in that and it’s so powerful. While it’s so graphic and hard to watch, I believe it’s really important for Christians to see. “

Powell said, ”It has opened our eyes more to what we believe. Mel Gibson does a great job of bringing to sight what went on…not only the physical pain but the emotional and spiritual pain of what Jesus went through.”

Host Styll also gave his comments on the film during his interview with Third Day.

Although Styll feels that the movie “doesn’t address the issue of salvation,” he believes that the movie will leave people asking why Jesus died. Styll said, “For the sins of mankind, he was willing to go through with it and did.”

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The Passion of the Christ is scheduled to be release on Feb. 25, Ash Wednesday.