Amy Grant, A Brief Biography

( [email protected] ) Mar 04, 2004 12:50 PM EST

As one of the most celebrated artists in pop music, Amy Grant’s life story can be seen through her insightful and moving songs. Over time, she has become a key icon in Christian music, singing songs that are have become classics and selling multi-platinum albums. Her first album, Amy Grant, presented a fresh voice to the world, and through many more albums over the years, the message of the gospel has been planted into mainstream culture. With numerous Grammy and Dove awards, Grant, who is firm in her Christian identity, is the musician who strives to take the good news to the outside world.

Since her teenage years, Grant has played the guitar, sang for church and for her fellow peers. A pivotal event that marked her as an artist, and role model and also led her to the path God has set before her was during one of Grant’s first performances for her fellow students at a chapel service. It was at that moment when her musical talent and gift of connecting with her peers was revealed. From sweeping floors at a Nashville studio to creating her first recreational tape of original songs at a friend, producer Brown Bannister’s, studio, Amy was discovered by a Word records company producer, and thus, her career began. Like a Hollywood story, Amy Grant was quickly signed by Word records.

Through songwriting and performing, her energy and passion in her faith in God is continuously channeled to the ends of the earth. Just by doing what she loves, she has left a legacy in Christian music and a lasting mark on the many souls for over two decades. Till this day, she continues to inspire.