Sara Groves' New Album

( [email protected] ) Mar 05, 2004 06:09 PM EST

Sara Groves' latests album "On the Other Side of Something," definitely adds to the new spirit of Christian Gospel Music eversince her earlier contribution. Her last album "Conversation" demonstrated Sara as a talented vocalist also instrumentalist combining piano and guitar melodies to give all worship fans a sincere and peaceful attitude towards Gospel music. In this album, Sara, keeping her own style, moves onto another music genre, combining pop, folk and guitar music into one. Her voice and articulation of the lyrics gives a strong and active spirit in singing. Altough similar to Nicole Nordeman's style, Sara's album is one of its kind.

The album begins with "The One thing I know" gives a good steady beat and testifies about the love of God taking charge of the course of our lives. Songs like "Compelled" combine electronic guitar chords and use a variety of instruments. Overall the album is a good collectrion, you like Nicole Nordeman, it's a must have for you. After struggling long with the year 2003 in her spiritual life, Sara comes out with this masterpiece that reveals the ups and downs of faith.