Touched by His Unseen Hand

Recognizing the Fingerprints of God on Your Life
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Touched by His Unseen Hand

Author: Jennifer Rothschild

O...the amazing love and grace of God; it is truly only God’s invisible touch that saves and brings life. Jennifer Rothschild, who lost her vision at the tender age of fifteen, knows this well and shares with readers how the healing touch of the invisible God lifts all the heaviness of the world away. She explains how God works from within a person’s soul and melts away all fear, loneliness, and sorrow. His unseen hand guides the lost and hurt child through the darkest of nights. Though not physically blind, one may be spiritually blind, and it is only God’s touch of life that can release the blind. Readers can discover that grace and invisible touch of God freely given at no cost to all those who believe.

Publisher: Multnomah Publishers

Pub. Date: January 2004

Type: Hardback

ISBN: 1590522109

Regular: $12.99