The Case for Christ

Author: Lee Strobel
( [email protected] ) Mar 19, 2004 01:40 PM EST

In “The Case for Christ,” Lee Strobel takes the reader on a journey to different places in the nation where leading Biblical scholars such as, Bruce Metzger, share the noble knowledge and evidence of reliability of the truth of the Scriptures. Strobel uses his experience as a former legal editor at the Chicago Tribune as he interviews a diverse group of scholars with specific questions that many skeptics would have concerning Christianity. Simple questions, such as, “Does Archaeology confirm or Contradict Jesus’ Biographies?” and “Can Biographies of Jesus Be Trusted?” are presented to the experts from the fields of science, philosophy, and history, and clear and concise evidence is provided.

Although this book is not perfect, it is fresh in its approach and provides satisfying conclusions. Those who want to read about the historical, psychiatric, and scientific evidence to "determine if there's credible evidence that Jesus of Nazareth really is the Son of God"… do yourself a favor and go grab this book at the nearest bookstore.