The Digi Songbook

( [email protected] ) Apr 07, 2004 01:57 PM EDT

Digi Songbook

Hey folks, ever heard of the Digi Songbook?

It’s Worship Together’s first viewable+printable ALL digital songbook.

For each of the 41 songs included, this product contains sheet music, guitar chord charts, overhead masters, and lyric text files! (Awesome, huh?)

So what is a Digi Songbook?

-It’s a CD-Rom with PDF files of…

* standard sheet music

* guitar chord charts

* overhead masters

-Text files of each of the songs are included for use in MediaShout or Power Point.

The first Digi is "Songs for the Passion Generation", featuring all songs from 4 Passion Records:

• Sacred Revolution

• Illuminate by David Crowder Band

• Not To Us by Chris Tomlin

• On The Road To Beautiful by Charlie Hall

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